Donner, Party of 11 Million
Every now and then, something exciting (read: dramatic) occurs within the Blogosphere. I'm sure this happens in every topical blogging universe, but it gets especially heated in the WoW world in the summer.

Between slow downs in the game from the pre-expansion pack lull, and people going in and out due to summer plans, WoW can just get boring.

For instance, I could post all kinds of things about the upcoming Cataclysm Priest changes. It might actually even be notable that I haven't. The reasoning behind it is that I do not have a beta key - and therefore, since I cannot test things out and try them for myself, I'm hesitant to attempt explanations and criticisms or support for something I haven't actually seen.

I did not always have this policy, but over the past year or so of blogging, I've learned a lot of hard lessons. I thought RealID was great, and then thought it was awful, and then great again, and then there was the forum debacle, and I hated it again.

Had I waited one day more to post about Real ID when it was first released in game, so that I could experience it for myself, I think my take on it would have been very different. I rather like RealID in-game. I wouldn't like it if I didn't have a choice. Granted, it leads to a lot of awkward social circumstances, such as when someone wants to be my RealID friend, and I really don't want to, eek!

So - unless I get a beta key, it is unlikely I will talk much about specific priest changes until much closer to release.

I know I'm not alone in my wow-boredom. And when boredom strikes, people jump at the chance for something interesting. And no matter how much we might like to tell ourselves it's not true, heated disagreements amongst ourselves do spark interest. Especially when there's not a lot else going on.

We end up participating in cannibalistic activities. Dammit, Blizz, we're starving over here in the blogosphere! You're leaving us to devour one another in our hunger. If I don't get a beta key soon, I'm going to start chewing on Fuubaar's leg.

It's rather like being so bored with heroics that you go in pantsless in order to try and make it a bit more interesting.

On that note, please participate in the Very Important Survey on my sidebar. Yes, I'm asking you to click through if you are viewing this in a reader (and I never ask people to do that!)- because the future of our society depends very much on your selection of which type of elitist you are.
21 Responses
  1. Keeva Says:

    I clicked through and my utensil choice isn't even listed! Unacceptable slap in the face!

    I use a Splayd (like a spork, but far superior)

  2. caerphoto Says:

    I do sometimes use chopsticks, but only in restaurants if they are available. At home I just use a fork.

  3. Kurnak Says:

    Fork, unless I'm in an eastern restaurant, then I use chopsticks. But since that's not the most of times, fork wins.
    Btw, you should have added some entry like "there's no spoon" ;)

  4. Poneria Says:

    I use chopsticks as much as possible, but I probably hold them in the completely wrong way! I use lots of stabbing with bulkier foods.

  5. Grimmtooth Says:

    It all depends on the rice, of course. Breakfast rice, or tapioca? Spoon. Sitting under my beef-broc? Fork, since that's already in my hand.

    Chopsticks? That's for people what has dexterity.

  6. Leah Says:

    I cannot beleive it hasn't occurred to me until just now, but this is so very Jonathan Swift!

    I think i need to reread Gulliver's Travels, its been too long >_>

    oh and its spoon regardless, cause then I can be lazy and sloppy and still get all the rice into my mouth without an incident :P

  7. Unknown Says:

    You didn't have a choice for "With a fork cause I'm too hopeless to use chopsticks, which are the proper way of course!" Wannabee elitist.

    To comment on the meat of the post, too: I'm not sure it's ever very useful for bloggers to comment on beta changes they're not experiencing.

    We end up with floods of blog posts attacking this skill, or hailing that talent, when in reality they play out very differently. Worse, things change so much during the course of the beta, that it's been fuss for nothing.

    Pre-Wrath was the first time we saw so much beta-blogging. My final take on it was I got burned getting worked up about stuff that never shipped.

    If someone's actually test-playing, their observations are useful to the game developers, but I just can no longer get excited about new content posts this far ahead of a finished product. Tell me in September.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I am using spoon to eat my rice. its because when I was growing up this is our traditional way of using the utensils. (Im filipino and probably its just my culture). I do use chopsticks sometimes especially when I eat chinese food. =)

  9. Tam Says:

    I am saddened. I think there should be the following options:

    1. With chopsticks, becuase it makes me better than you.

    2. With a fork, because I think people who use chopsticks and think this makes them better than me are pretentious.

    3. With my face.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    I kind of agree with Tam...but I went with fork, because we have rice a lot more than we have Chinese.

  11. Undireafel Says:

    I have to agree with Grimmtooth on this one- it depends on the rice, Stickyrice, fried, jasmine - chopsticks, White rice that your mama makes in the bag - fork, White rice that your daddy makes thats so over/under done that even a for wont work - spoon.

  12. Aloix Says:

    Ew, carbs :p

    I do eat rice on the occasions I go for Chinese, in which case I use chopsticks (dexterous, not Asian). Otherwise, I *would* eat it with a spoon, as I eat most anything. I avoid forks unless the food needs to be stabbed or cut, which is rarely.

  13. Rhii Says:

    I actually don't like rice very much... but it has nothing to do with carbs and everything to do with me being weird about certain food textures. I also don't eat bananas.

    *cough* Also, when I do eat rice, I use a fork. My aim with chopsticks is so bad I would just end up with my rice on the floor and my chopsticks up my nose.

  14. Rhii Says:

    I feel compelled to add that my aim is every bit as bad with a fork as it is with chopsticks... it's just that forks are a lot less likely to wind up in unexpected places when you miss with them!

    /me is clutzy.

  15. Anonymous Says:


    nice one.

    Supposing I choose noodles?

  16. Adgamorix Says:

    The spork is such a far superior tool, especially if you've ground down one edge so it's sharp like a knife. Just watch your tongue.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    I use my hand.

    All you utensil people are just creepy.

  18. Klepsacovic Says:

    Why is hand not an option? I just spend a week eating rice with my hands and it was delicious.

  19. SpiritusRex Says:

    Noone but me uses a knife? WOOHOO, I am so leet! Or, I iz total nub? Is there an addon to help me decide which to use? Sorry, couldn't resist - the blogosphere needed an injection of comic levity. Yeah, yeah, I get it, y'all still waiting for the comic part.

  20. Tegoelf Says:

    I don't go into heroics pants less, I go in with 513 def because I am wearing half dps gear.... and yes I am the tank. Sad part is that I find even giving the healer something to do... most average 900+ dps for the run, not huge, but they are the healer (by the way 3800 is my usual run average.... no paladins are not over powered)

  21. Dyre42 Says:

    "It's rather like being so bored with heroics that you go in pantsless in order to try and make it a bit more interesting."

    I'm at the point where I'm trying to fish up two dark herrings so that my warrior can "Fiiiish Stoooooooorm!" bosses Marrowgar style.

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