The Interpretive Spam Dance
I hesitated for awhile about posting these pictures because I don't really want to say anything positive about gold farming advertising, or give any more publicity to it, but I just couldn't resist.

I imagine many of you have seen this going on in your faction capitals for a long time, but they keep getting more and more creative and crazy with their abilities to really manipulate the character abilities in game. Running around on my bank a few weeks ago, I caught this particular performance before all of the offending spammers were mass banned.

Then, in great emote spammage, every single toon fell asleep to spell out a website that if I discover anyone reading this actually went to due to me posting these pictures, I will be very upset.

This strange work of performance spam art continued for a few minutes, with an occasional toon being banned and leaving funny holes in the work of art before the whole lot were kicked.

I have to confess that I can't help but get a kick out of this. Yes, I know I shouldn't, and that I only encourage bad behavior and so on, and that this manipulation of character movement is also used to farm gold and is very naughty, but I can't deny I find this highly amusing.
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  1. Sephrenia Says:

    Apparently if you get a piccolo of the flaming fire and use it near them you can amuse yourself quite a bit and they all log out rapidly :)

    Sadly, in the time it took me to log in to the toon that has the trinket the ones I saw had gone :(

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I just noticed them the other night - you can actually see them "dropping" during the Stormwind sequence in the Pirates' Day video I did:

  3. Kurnak Says:

    Forming the URL with sleeping chars has been very common for quite some time, but now the "last thing" is doing it in mid-air. Not all realms seem affected by this plague, sleeping chars were common in Hellscream-EU Stormwind some time ago but now they are a rare sight, while the floating chars are very common in Argent Dawn-EU Orgrimmar nowadays.
    As Sephrenia says, using the piccolo will cause the disruption of the ad. I'm pretty sure the toy-train will work too, forcing them to go choo-choo and fall from the air.

  4. Redbeard Says:

    Imagine that as a bunch of Orcs, and you've got what it's like to watch them in Org between the bank and the AH.

    Notice that they never appear in Dal.... Oh wait, that would require someone not only creating those accounts but porting them to the city too. ;-)

  5. Syl Says:

    LOL I find this hillarious. yeah goldpamming nono badbad etc....we know that. you gotta admit they're damn creative though! xD

  6. Shintar Says:

    I do like the floating heart... but otherwise these guys are mighty annoying.

  7. Ron Says:

    Personally, its like synchronized swimming to me. I haven't seen any as intricate as the ones you see yet though.

    I also get a kick out of seeing them sleep all at once.

  8. redcow Says:

    As much as I hate gold spammers, I also often take pictures of the strange formations they make in Org. I do avoid taking pictures of the urls they spell out; it isn't nearly as creative or interesting to look at as an eerie line in the air and it's free advertising.

    As an aside, I was once hanging out in the orc starting zone waiting for vanity guild signatures and had to watch a ton of gold spammers log in and run mysteriously through the valley wall. -_-

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    Thanks you!

  10. River Says:

    Yep Piccolo of the flaming fire, disrupts it, and actually breaks the hacking program their using. So it's awesome to mess them up. I have a toon logged in Org, just to mess with them.

  11. Hinenuitepo Says:

    BTW, I HAVE seen them in Dalaran!
    I didn't think much of it at the time, but you make a good point; what a lot of work to get those toons there, just for the sake of advertisement. :)

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