Update to the Healing Blogroll
I took an hour or two this morning to go through and update my healing blogroll. Even though I stopped doing the Friday posts with link roundups of healers (due to there being such a shortage of anything to even talk about at the moment), a lot of traffic goes through my blogroll list from wow.com, and I want to keep the list helpful.

I added a couple of blogs that I've found, cleaned up some that have closed shop, checked all the links, and also added notes if it has been awhile since someone has updated. I'm not going to remove people who haven't updated for awhile until Cataclysm for two reasons:

1. There still may be a lot of good, relevant information on their site
2. They may start blogging again once Cataclysm is close to release.

I realize I am slow on adding links to the page, and I have no doubt that due to distractions over the past couple of months, I may have missed a few. I'm double checking the comments on the post right now to make sure I've added the blogs that people have requested.

If you are on the list (and if you have a healing blog, I WANT YOU ON THE LIST), please check it here and let me know if any of the info I have is incorrect (i.e. title, url, where I have you listed). I know a lot of you blog about several different healing classes, but I'm trying to stick people under the class category where they post the most helpful information. I read so many blogs though that sometimes the details get hazy, especially right now when lots of people are focusing on leveling alts.

If you know of a blog I've missed, please, please PLEASE leave a comment here or shoot me an email: missmedicina at gmail dot com. It's not shameless self promotion... it's helping me out with more resources!
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  1. Sephrenia Says:

    I think I'm missing :) I play a healing priest. I'm not particularly theoretical and mostly waffle on about what I've done, but it would be nice to be listed if you think I might qualify :)

    Hugs, Seph xx

  2. Sephrenia Says:

    Thanks lots. <3 Seph xx

  3. Rades Says:

    Hey Miss M, I don't often write about healing stuff, but one of my two mains IS a resto druid...if you want to add me to the list go for it, but if not I totally understand too. :D

    BTW, I appreciated your response on the previous feminism post. /hug

  4. River Says:

    Wait a minute I play a healing mage, I use my bandages on other people all the time.

    It ain't my fault you can't use bandages on dead people.

    This is an outrage. I demand my own blogroll column.

    The Awesome Blogroll!

  5. @Rades



    You know Rivs, that sounds like an awesome DIY project.

  6. Rades Says:

    On my baby holy Pally I actually use bandages all the time to top up people's health without using precious mana. :|

  7. Hinenuitepo Says:

    I DON'T have a healing blog, but I play one on TV. :P

    As with the mage, I actually DO use my bandages, on myself and frequently on my tank! :)

    <3 Missy

  8. Hinenuitepo Says:

    Oh, and of course I have occasional posts on my resto shammy, but sadly, these are few and far between.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Holy Pally I may be, but there's precious little about healing on my blog.

    That'll probably change once I start raiding come Cata, but for now, notsomuch.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    I do blog occasionally about healing. Amongst other things. But it's more notes for me than broadcast quality, I think. If you'd like to have a look, see whether it's worth adding, I've left a link.


  11. Anonymous Says:

    Oops, my bad - I can see it is under paladins - most of the entries in the last year have been about priestly things though. Thanks for adding me :)


  12. Syl Says:

    Hi Miss M
    I sent you an Email a few days ago but not sure you received it - I hope it didn't end up in spamfolder!

  13. Tracey Says:

    I recently discovered Disciplinary Action (http://disciplinaryaction.wordpress.com/) via MMO Melting Pot - insta-add to my feed reader.

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