Come hoooome!
Dear Ful&Fuu...

While I'm super happy for ya'll and all that crap, and grats on your nuptials and blah blah blah for the love of the light come home. Raiding without you is no fun. I can't write in my blog without Ful to tease me incessantly. Fuu isn't here to help me drink off the raid stress and vent via whisper. I reeeeally dont want to admit to that silly warlock that I miss him leading the raid, so that I can just stick to my quiet background tasks of assigning heals. Get your butts off of the beach and back into Azeroth, you two lovebirds. Srsly.

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2 Responses
  1. Fulguralis Says:

    Ha. Sowwy. Aaaaand we're back.

    Though, to be fair, we may have to confine ourselves to only one raid night per week until we can get all the thank yous done and the apartment organized...

  2. Mrs. Fuubaar Says:

    "We're Baaaacck...."

    *creepy Poltergist voice*


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