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Snape Commission by *makani on deviantART

In honor of my favorite Harry Potter book being released as a movie today (oh yes, my geekiness extends to multiple factions, dear friends – there is no end to my fangirl idiocy), I wanted to go completely and unapologetically off topic and share my love for Severus Snape. However, I can’t even express my ardor in words… so pictures will have to suffice.

...Can you tell I'm a fan of Makani?

hermione has issues by *makani on deviantART

If you are trying to find ways to keep yourself entertained with HBP content while you eagerly wait your chance to sit in a movie theatre... HERE YOU ARE

Tomorrow... back to the WoWniverse... but seriously, what did you expect for today?
2 Responses
  1. Fulguralis Says:

    Fuu and I went last night at 12:01. Jealous? :-D

    Tell me if you like Snape's new haircut. So many good things in this movie...

  2. Jessabelle Says:

    @ Ful

    You're so mean. Of course I'm jealous. But I was busy learning the Ignis fight so :P

    Actually, my original plans for HPness fell through. I was debating whether or not to go to late showing, but decided against it. The fiance said he *might* take me today, so we'll see. I have no idea when I'll get to see it, isn't that awful?

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