Hit Rating for Leveling
I have updated the my lolsmite guide to include a list of available Priest-friendly items with hit rating for each level range. Since neither of the Priest healing specs, Discipline or Holy, have any talents for hit rating, it is important that you pick up some hit items while you level, or you will soon find it very annoying how often you miss mobs and waste your mana. Luckily, Blizz added quite a few low level items in recent patches that include hit rating. Most guides or references for hit rating will focus on how much you need at level 80 for raiding or doing instances. The hit rating NUMBER you need changes every level, while the percentage stays the same - don't get confused :). But since you won't be fighting boss mobs at low levels, you don't need to worry about "hit cap" until you get to 80.

The exact amount of rating you need will increase every time you level, but if you hover over the "Hit Rating" listing on your character sheet, it will show you the percentage. This chart from wowwiki shows the percentage of hit rating you need in order to ensure that you never miss when you are casting a damaging spell on a target. Remember that heals always land, you do not need any hit rating for healing spells.

Level Difference PvE PvP
- 4 100% 100%
- 3 99% 99%
- 2 98% 98%
- 1 97% 97%
0 96% 96%
+ 1 95% 95%
+ 2 94% 94%
+ 3 83% 87%
+ 4 72% 80%
+ 5 61% 73%

For leveling, subtract the percentage under the PvE column from 100% to figure out how much hit percentage you need to never miss a mob of that level.

For instance, at level 30, I need 4% hit rating to ensure I never miss when attacking any mob level 32 or lower - however, i will still have an 11% chance to miss a level 33 mob. In order to never miss a mob of your same level, the hit rating percent you will always need is 4%.

Remember that if you are a Draenei, or you are grouped with a Draenei, you receive an extra 1% spell hit.

(ETA: This is why I don't theorycraft. Fixed my failmath. Thanks Anonymous mathchecker!)
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