Single Abstract Noun Bloggers!
By popular request, I am making this post as a placeholder.

If you a member of the Bloggie guild Single Abstract Noun and you have a blog, please comment here with a link to your blog, as well as the name of your character(s) in the guild - and if you are EU or US.

In order to keep this a bit tidier than our guild bank, excess comments will be deleted - please just comment once with the above information.

113 Responses
  1. Nazaniel Says:

    Nazaniel from Unreal Realities (, with a SAN char called Nazaniel :)

  2. Poneria Says:

    Poneria from Fel Concentration ( I'm in SAN-US as Poneria (woo!).

  3. Deyndor Says:

    Deyndor of Swift Retribution (, in SAN-US as Deyndor!

  4. Razorstorm Says:

    Razorstorm of The WoW Storm ( playing as Rayzorstorm the bear tank in SAN-US.

  5. gameldar Says:

    Gameldar from WoW in an Hour ( I'm in SAN-US as Narcolious.

  6. ShawndraKai Says:

    Shawndra of as Delgada and Eromee

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Domni from Soulwarding and Quill and Copper
    ( (

    I'm in SAN-US as Domni, Galliane, and Mecor.

    I'm an alt-aholic and it's not a problem.

  8. Dristanel Says:

    Dristanel from The Physician's Log ( with a SAN-US character named Ravios.

  9. Windsoar Says:

    Windsoar: Jaded Alt (

    Rhye, SAN-US member

  10. Kiryn Says:

    Kiryn from, in SAN-US as Kaprika.

  11. Nim (Ankh) Says:

    Nimala of
    SAN name of Nimank (I'm so original).

  12. Kurn Says:

    Kurn from Kurn's Corner ( ) with a SAN character named Kurnmogh. :)

  13. Larísa Says:

    Larísa of The Pink Pigtail Inn (, at SAN EU as Llarisa

  14. Lath Says:

    Lathere & Cassandri from Hots & Dots

    Our characters in SAN-US are:

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Pilfkin from Moar Alts ( SAN-EU as Pilfkin or Vare.

  16. Angelya Says:

    Angelya from Revive & Rejuvenate ( I'm in SAN-US as Angelae and Lylangel. See you online!

  17. MomentEye Says:

    MomentEye from
    playing Theosaurus on US

  18. Aleanathem Says:

    Aleanathem from Of Claws and Paws (, in SAN-US with the druid/priest combo of Aleia/ Faíth and the farming DK, Pema!

  19. Albyll Says:

    Albyll of playing as Amorya and Clouseau on SAN-US.

  20. LawGirl Says:

    Kayllnn from Sheep This-

    I'm in SAN with a warrior- Kaylln

  21. Zan Says:

    Zandrai in SAN-US

  22. Ruhtra Says:

    Ruhtra from Holy Shock reporting!!

    I am Ruhtra in SAN-US

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Rahana from Blueberry Totem with a SAN-EU character called Rahana.

  24. Kiki Says:

    Ari from

    Arilin on SAN-EU

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Ricah from newbie blog The Mended Drum (, in SAN-EU with Riccah the awesome troll warrior tank (ya mon)

  26. Eus Says:

    Eusy of SAN Argent Dawn-US, also known as Eus of MAS Daggerspine

    I too am an altoholic.

  27. Crucifer Says:

    Crucifer from

    I'm in SAN-US as Istarian.

  28. Sephrenia Says:

    Sephrenia from playing on EU-SAN as Sephrenía (both priests :S)

  29. Keeva Says:

    Keeva from Tree Bark Jacket (, SAN US, as Keevaa :)

  30. Gazimoff Says:

    Gazimoff from The Mana Obscura (, with SAN-EU characters called Gazimoff and Juplaar.

  31. Jen Says:

    Jen from, in SAN-EU as Avilion

  32. Soph Says:

    Elsen from The View Through The Branches (, playing character: Belf Warlock, 'Elsendue'.



  33. Anonymous Says:

    Tsark from - playing in SAN-US with a shaman named Tessarquia

  34. Carina Says:

    Carina from

    SAN characters: Chalcara and Siendes in the EU charter.

  35. Chev Says:

    Chev from Older Gamer
    In SAN-US as Chév.

  36. Sacerdoteuk Says:

    sacerdote from l337 epixx

    One character so far on EU: Eumenide 'the kindly one' Blood Elf Mage

  37. Anonymous Says:

    pewter from The 'mental Shaman



  38. Sheqeri Says:

    Sheqeri at Pain Suppression (

    SAN - US

  39. Jakkru Says:

    Jakkru from /2
    (, I'm in SAN-EU as Darju

  40. Dwism Says:

    Dwism from

    SAN-eu on the toons: Dwism and Ordwerd

  41. Anonymous Says:

    Great idea!!

    In-game: Cielienne of SAN EU
    Blog: Tufva @

  42. Fealen Says:


  43. Havoca Says:

    Havoca, the Mage from

    SAN character: Morhpica, the Druid

  44. Kara Says:

    Askevar from You Yank It, You Tank It. [US]

    A death knight named Askevar and a few other lowbies whose names I can't remember.

  45. Nefernet Says:

    Nefernet From

    Playing Kinie in SAN-EU

  46. Anonymous Says:

    Zahrah from SAN in game Character name Pugnaciouss

  47. Kae Says:

    Kae / Dreambound, Kaelai in SAN (US)


  48. Klepsacovic Says:

    Klepsacovic of Troll Racials are Overpowered
    SAN-US as Klepsacovic

  49. Anonymous Says:

    Samuetempus from Slice and Dice
    In SAN-US as Samueltempus

  50. Joar Says:

    Joar from Wow Alt Addiction ( in SAN-US as Joàr.

  51. KiwiRed Says:

    KiwiRed from One Of These Alts ( ), in SAN-US on Pringle (and maybe on Mingle, if I get bored).

  52. Wikwocket Says:

    Wikwocket, from Holyform: I'm in the US guild as Wikwocket.

  53. Kamalia Says:

    Kamalia, blogging at "Kamalia et alia"
    my SAN-US character is Kamaliya

  54. Keredria Says:

    Keredria from Tree of Life ( in SAN-US as Keredria and Pommelo

  55. Anonymous Says:

    Crankypally SAN-US
    May be joined by Cranky____ toons shortly.

  56. Forreststump
    Brelkor in SAN-US

  57. Unknown Says:

    Fuubaar from

    In SAN-US as Fuubaar the incredible Mage!

  58. Anonymous Says:


    Berutoo and Bombedil (US)

  59. Amoros Says:

    Amoros from Mirr[or] Image


    My character in SAN (US) is Amoros.

  60. Lonomonkey Says:

    Lonomonkey from Screaming Monkeys (, character called Gareld

  61. Anonymous Says:

    Kattastrophe, US
    Blog Kattastrophe's Happen

    SAN is also Kattastrophe

  62. Michelinea Says:

    Michelinea at WoW I am Lost

    SAN US Character: Michelenea

  63. Codi Says:

    Codi of Moar HPS! is Coddi in SAN-US. :D Probably will be making another alt in there or something sometime, too...(

  64. Arioch Says:

    Arioch from clearcasting (
    in SAN-US as Aríoch.
    (Annoying í is alt+0237)

  65. SlikRX Says:

    Balthazario from Bang & Blame

    SAN - US name = Balthazario

    BTW, I know the SAN message of the day *had* the forum page, but can we log it here as well?

    I browse/etc mostly from work, so I don't have access to WoW when I need it. ;)

  66. Jasyla Says:

    Jasyla from Cannot be Tamed (, in SAN-US as Jasyla.

  67. Nalon Says:

    Nalon from, in SAN as Conjaw (among others)

  68. Sohei Says:

    Saunder from with SAN-US/Can/Aust/Everywhere-except-the-EU as Saund and Saundeth

  69. LabRat Says:

    LabRat from Paladin Pants (, SAN-US, Steelspark.

  70. Protflashes Says:

    Protflashes from Aggro Management (

    SAN EU:


    SAN US:


  71. B_Dragon Says:

    BlackDragon (a.k.a. BD) from Have Dragon Will Travel ( here in SAN-US as Aethrain.

  72. Lark Says:

    Xlark from Lark and the Guild
    Xlark over in SAN too!

  73. Guthammer Says:

    Guthammer from Guthammer's Last Stand ( with a SAN-US as Guthammer, changed class though.

  74. River Says:


    Riverion Paladin.

  75. Elleiras Says:

    Elleiras of Altadin, in SAN-US as (I'm so creative!) Elleiras and Ishkaar. Also have a warrior named Paeonia I might ask to guild... if she makes it past level 3.

  76. Anonymous Says:

    Iaaiv from Green Bar Spec ( bringing Kahiau to SAN-US.

  77. Endyme Says:

    Endyme from (Un)holy Randomness (, reporting in! My SAN-US character is Endyme. Original, eh?

  78. Trini Says:

    Edainne of Light & Leafy -

    Etaini (level 4 priest) in SAN's US Chapter =)

  79. Caste Says:

    Caste from She Plays WoW (, with SAN toon Castet. :)

  80. Xeppe Says:

    Xeppe from An Absolutely Ordinary Priest
    in SAN-US as Xeppe the DK

  81. Maerdred Says:

    Maerdred from Treebound Druid here.

    I've got Maerdred and Nightmaerd in the guild so far.

  82. Nepa Says:

    Desukar in SAN-US of 5 Minutes to Hearth

  83. Anonymous Says:

    Nimrock of in SAN-US as Nimroc

  84. Kestrel Says:

    Kestrelator (US), Rogue, of Kestrel's Aerie. Raiding Holy Priest in real (WoW) life.

    Twitter: @_steve_hall

  85. Shannara Says:

    Zanpher from Juneau, AK


  86. lilrabbit129 Says:

    lilrabbit129 from the blog currently known as "A View from the Bottom: A story of a Baby Shaman". Also known as Onaara on SAN-US.

    Writing is mainly about my wow-happenings, and some dabbling in story telling. Some tech sprinkled around as well.

  87. Rades Says:

    Rades from (SAN-US)
    Rades - Dwarf Hunter
    Armyknife - Draenei Warrior (prot)

  88. Vidyala Says:

    Vidyala from Pugging Pally

    SAN character is also Vidyala. :D

  89. Artie Says:

    Artie of Blade Barrier ( playing as Bladebarrier in SAN-US.

  90. Hinenuitepo Says:

    Hinenuitepo of DKDeathgoddess (, SAN of the same name. Finally! :)

  91. Vidyala Says:

    The above comment about my character/blog refers to SAN (US), please excuse my reading comprehension fail!

  92. koalabear Says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.

  93. koalabear Says:

    Koalabear from

    Koalab - a gnome warlock :)

    Oops I am on the US server

  94. Littlebark Says:

    Littlebark from A Little Bark, A Little Bite ( previously The Tree Unleashed.

    I'm in SAN-US as a baby druid by the name of Littlebark (because I'm so creative!)

  95. Saresa Says:

    Saresa from Destructive Reach reporting for duty! and my toon is named Sarcolepsy in SAN-US. <3

  96. Anonymous Says:

    Elenaltarien from Healer's Haven is there as well.

    Elenaltarien - NE priest (I just couldn't help myself)

  97. Figure Says:

    Cazenovia from Hybrid Love ( SAN-US, as Cazenovia.

  98. Kerrsplat Says:

    Splat from


  99. krizzlybear Says:

    krizzlybear, frost is the new black.

  100. krizzlybear Says:

    err, characters: Azande (shaman), krizzly (mage), krizzlybear (death knight)

  101. Shayzani Says:

    Shayzani from

    SAN-US as Shayzani

  102. Val Says:

    Val from (the very new) Honeymint Tea ( as Valorah on SAN-EU.

  103. Pebblebottom Says:

    R. Pebblebottom from Letters to Azeroth
    SAN (US) as Wrigglefizz & Kapuhi

  104. Arleff Says:

    I have changed from a Rogue of dubious talent to a Hunter with no talent whatsoever and can be found as Finesse on SAN (EU).

  105. Kiddo Says:

    Kiddo from Journal of a WoW kiddie.
    SAN-US char Cheesegoat.

  106. Beenk Says:

    Beenk (Just a Blog Reader), with SAN-US character name is Clawee

  107. Shadowscout new blog @ in SAN EU as Skadoskowten / Skadopreost

  108. Jaedia Says:

    Jaedia of Lazy Sniper (

    SAN-EU, Jaedi the Blood Elf Rogue :)

  109. El Dude Says:

    Warrior Paniświatla SAN US - ( )

  110. Analogue Says:

    Analogue from Looking4More ( and my husband/coblogger Reversion, joined with characters with those names (US Guild).

  111. Unknown Says:

    Copra from

    Currently Bullcopra and Trollcopra in SAN-EU

  112. J.M.L. Says:

    Hey there! Ameilia in Single Abstract Noun-US on the Argent Dawn realm. Here is the link to my blog, which is not so much a blog as a chapter-by-chapter posting of my fantasy novel using screenshots from World of Warcraft to illustrate. Enjoy!

  113. Unknown Says:

    Gali from Gali's UI Obsession ( In SAN-US as Mithelia.

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