Single Abstract Noun is Recruiting Stateside!
So, in the interests of fostering that "community thing" you always hear us bloggers nattering on about, Tamarind (who will always be Tamarind to me, no matter how many name changes) decided it would be a lovely idea to start a guild specifically for us bloggers and blog-lovers and readers and commenters - the WoW blogging community at large. Basically, all of us social folks who just love to chatter.

It's almost like the antithesis of Gevlon's Blue Guild... we have absolutely no real purpose EXCEPT to be social.

Unfortunately, EU players are separated from US/Oceanic players by more than mere ocean. We are unable to play together on a single server, sadly. However, <Single Abstract Noun> has both a US/Oceanic charter as well as an EU one! Tam is taking up the lead for the EU side, and I've started up the US end. Both are on our respective Argent Dawn servers.

If you play on a US/Oceanic server, you can join us by rolling up an Alliance alt on Argent Dawn. If you are EU, you will want to roll a Hordie toon on Argent Dawn, and see Tamarind's post for more details. For US/Oceanic, I've set up a chat channel. Simply /join simgleabstractnoun, and ask anyone in the channel to shoot you a guild invite. I *think* I've set it up properly so that everyone can invite members.

You do not have to be a blogger to join us!
Part of the fun of this adventure is in getting to interact with other bloggers AND our readers. If you DO have a blog, you can add the URL in a public note on your character under the guild UI thingie. There is a guild tabard if you'd like to pick one up. (Quick note about the tabard - Tam told me exactly what tabard icon he had in mind, and it was intended to be somewhat reminiscent of PPI... but I'm not sure he tried it on a female character. So... be prepared for "Nice jugs!" comments!)

If you enjoy RPing, Argent Dawn is an RP server. If you want to level your toon, I'm sure others will be happy to do so as well. If you just need a break from your home guild or raiding, and want to go chatter with other similar-minded folk, this is the perfect opportunity for you. Several folks have offered up their vent information as well so we can chat with one another in real time. Maybe we can eventually chat with our EU friends via vent as well!

Aussies! Kiwis! Canucks! Americans! Calling all of you - come join us for completely frivolous socializing, and occasional Hogger raids.

And, it wouldn't be a guild without RULES amirite? So I'm going to copy and paste Tamarind's rules, since I consider him the REAL leader in all of this!

The guild rules of Single Abstract Noun are as follows:

1. Anybody with even the vaguest passing interest in the blogging community is welcome – which is why it’s a blogging communities guild, not a bloggers’ guild.

2. Single Abstract Noun is a pantocracy – which means, not only that pants are encouraged, but it’s rule by all. The guild belongs to all who belong to it.

3. Use the guild however you like, as a meeting place, for conversation, for running the occasional dungeon, have a million alts, have a single character, whatever you like.

4. There are no rules about respecting other people because GODDAMN IT I’M TAKING THAT AS READ.

5. Leave your wowcock in the stand by the door.

I am going to add my own additional rule in there. You must accept the fact that, uhm, people will likely blog about this guild. Just sayin'.

Also, please pass the word around. The problem with being a healy blogger is that... well, all of the members of this guild thus far are healers. Lots of interesting healing discussions going on but... in the interest of conversational balance, let's try to get some non-healers in there too!

I will try to be on at random hours so that I can shoot out invite to several of you in different time zones. If there is no one on when you log on, either shoot me a Twitter DM (MissMedicina) or an email to missmedicina at gmail dot com.

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63 Responses
  1. Klepsacovic Says:

    Woo, Alliance-side, that means excuse to make a spacegoat.

  2. Eversor Says:

    I was going to say I absolutely have to make a gnome in that case!

  3. Nazaniel Says:

    I'll head over, and I'll try to bring some more of the crew with me :) Would be nice to meet you all in-game - although I agree about healers. Is there something about healers and blogging, or is it just the bloggers I read? The ratio of healer bloggers to non-healer bloggers seems to be about 25:1.

  4. Kiryn Says:

    My WoW-account is currently inactive, but I was planning on starting it up again in a few weeks or so, and I'm not all THAT attached to my current characters. I'll be sure to look you guys up once I'm back in-game =)

    Now... what race and class shall I make THIS time....

  5. Crucifer Says:

    Interesting. And as I'm Oceanic, I would love to join. Although... Alliance? Really?

    Unfortunately, my hours online are dictated by real life/family, but a place to chat with fellow bloggers makes this a compelling move...!

    P.S. Word Verification: Preen. So right.

  6. Ruhtra Says:

    Interesting enough, I actually had a Paladin I rolled on Argent Dawn quite some time ago. Took him to level 5 and never looked back. So add one more healer to the list of folks on there.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I rolled up my little alt and joined the party. :) Look for Otavis, space-shaman in a blog-guild near you.

    PS I like the rank names!

  8. Rhii Says:

    That was Rhii, from immediately above, btw... I accidentally saved it before putting in my name. Oospie.

  9. latusthegoat Says:

    Psss, you asked people to join /simpleabstractnoun. SimPle instead of sinGle.

  10. @Crucifer

    Heh, well it had to be either Alliance or Horde. US is Alliance because the EU is Horde (due to Tam already having some hordie toons) and we figured it would be good to balance it out.



  11. Figure Says:

    Woo! Lovely way to justify a new alt, more chatter, and (hopefully) kick-start me into proper blogging again!

    Tomorrow I'll hop over and start something.. not that I know quite what yet.

  12. Leah Says:


    will semi inactive, mostly lurking commenter be welcome? I even have a story in mind for my newest space goat (excuse to roll another alt, stalk people I love to read in real time and try role playing? bingo :) )

    oh and she's a warrior, going to be tanking (if she levels O-O)


  13. @Leah


    So far we've got lots of bloggers, but not nearly enough readers! I'm really hopeful that more readers will join (even the lurking kind)!

  14. Tam Says:

    Ahaha! I didn't think of the, err, jugs angle. I was thinking entirely innocently of a bunch of friends clinking their tankards together in the warm cosy atmosphere of the Pink Pigtail Inn.

    Good luck to the American chapter.

    And I'll have you know that unlike you Stateside morons and slackers, we hardcore Europeans PWNED BOARS IN GREYS! So there.

  15. KiwiRed Says:

    Hmmmm, handy justification for rolling a new alt, and maybe getting back in the thick of things...

  16. Jaedia Says:

    I'm not a healy blogger and I read you!
    Some of your readers enjoy your writing style :)

  17. layteknight Says:

    I can't believe we're only doing this now!

    I'm totally in. I'll throw in a ~ 30ish hunter that I have no idea what I'm doing with. :D Woot for a no-pressure environment!

  18. DiscGrace Says:

    Thank you so much for doing this! I am a humble lurker but it was fun interacting with you guys, and I look forward to more. Good motivation to de-lurk and join in the fun :)

  19. krizzlybear Says:

    Totally going to make a Frost Mage named Freezo. I'll try to find people online whenever possible!

  20. deyndor Says:

    Aww, someone already pointed out your spelling mistake on the channel name. Oh well, I'll have to keep looking for other things to make fun of you for.

    Also, thanks for setting up this US chapter, I had fun talking with all of you last night.

  21. Fealen Says:

    Definitely rolling a toon tonight. Will be fun to start from the ground up again and remember what it was like to not be able to afford anything.

    Can't wait to see everyone!

  22. Unknown Says:

    So..... ummmm this whole "you must wear pants" thing is just a suggestion right?

    Don't hate on my tanking style :P

  23. Keredria Says:

    I'm in! Now I just have to decide what class and name to go with...

  24. Melfina Says:

    I'm so in. Time to roll a baby pally and try my hand at tanking.

  25. Given my semi-retirement from raiding, this could be a nice diversion. Forreststump Furry Edition incoming?

  26. ...though the thought of being cash-strapped bothers me. /twitch Roll a toon on a server where I do have a small cash reserve on the Alliance side, then transfer at level 10? /twitch Maybe. But what about heirlooms?? /twitch I dunno. /twitch

    Occasional OCD tendencies now on display... /twitch

  27. Havoca Says:

    Okay. I'll do it.

  28. Hinenuitepo Says:

    Don't have a lot of free wow-time, but I'll be there on a Hine-alt tonight!

  29. Hinenuitepo Says:

    I think you meant /simpleabtractnoun ?
    In your post it says /simgleabtractnoun.

    See ya soon!

  30. Hinenuitepo Says:

    Er, I misspelled my comment too!!!! ;)

    Singleabstractnoun, not Simgle.... or Simple...

  31. SlikRX Says:

    What's really funny is that I rolled a Balthazario on AD without thinking about the EU/US thing, so I could pester Tam.
    I logged in last night, and thanks for the inv!

    level 3 w00t!

    very cool thing to be doing.


  32. Kara Says:

    I plopped a dk over there... already have a couple unguilded alts I may join up if that's cool.

  33. Anonymous Says:

    I am definitely rolling a character on AD tonight! I've tried blogging, and really want to continue to do so, but I find it hard to keep momentum, so maybe some of the blogging awesomeness will rub off hehe.. =)

    I've been wanting a chance to branch out in the game, this looks like exactly what I've been looking for.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    Is the Bubbles allowed to be a space goat DK? XD

    AD is in my main guild's battle group, maybe weacn run into some of my guildies...AND fellow bloggers XD

  35. Breevok Says:

    I came, I saw, I got to level 2 :)

    Is there anywhere we can link the blogs of all the members. As I logged at at 1.15am (NZ time) I promised to go and read the blogs of the members - but now at work I realise I havent a clue what the blogs were.

    Silly Breevok!

  36. Nazaniel Says:

    People have been putting their blog URLs in their personal note field to avoid that problem Breevok :)

  37. Zan Says:

    Argent Dawn US is currently full, especially on the Alliance side.

    Altoholic can be found on Horde of AD US and has no room on his accounts to make an Alliance toon.

  38. Ruhtra Says:

    I have to say I like the idea, I like the chance to roll an Alliance character where there will be motivation to play, I love the fact that I will not be a guild master/officer/raider/raid leader, and perhaps I may even enjoy a RP server.

    I may have to delete my Paladin though because I rolled him and never claimed his free little pets, but at least I know I have my name.

  39. Anonymous Says:

    Kattastrophe here count me in what a great idea, Balthazario my partner in crime is already a guildy so I'll pop on tonight and roll me a toon too.


  40. Aleanathem Says:

    Sounds like fun! I'll be in and have made a hunter, priest, and druid so far. I can dual box two, but deciding which two is the hard part. =D

  41. Nim (Ankh) Says:

    Oh man this is a great idea I should totally roll like a dorf warrior or something!

  42. LabRat Says:

    I am totally in on this. Steelspark the gnome warrior says hi.

  43. Crucifer Says:

    Ok I came and rolled up a Paladin. Then I decided instead to go hunter because:

    a) I already have a paladin and at end level so I fear I may burn out doing it all over again.

    b) hunters have the odd ability to speed-level up therefore I have the good chance of actually getting somewhere with the few hours I have.

    Looking at our guild roster last night it seems we're picking up a good number of classes - but druids seem to be few in number...

  44. Breevok Says:

    @ Nazaniel

    Indeed Indeed - as have I.

    Alas some of us arent fortunate to have access to WoW at work, where I spend breaks reading blogs.

    Therefore info in your personal note is of no use to me :)

    Thus my request

  45. Breevok Says:

    @ Nazaniel

    Indeed Indeed - as have I.

    Alas some of us arent fortunate to have access to WoW at work, where I spend breaks reading blogs.

    Therefore info in your personal note is of no use to me :)

    Thus my request

  46. Vidyala Says:

    Last night was raid night for me (and this night too) but I'm definitely going to drop by and meet some people, it sounds like a blast. Thanks for putting this together!

  47. Fealen Says:

    Now here's a thought for the future. SingleAbstractNoun AD(US/EU) both get first and second kill of Deathwhisper.

    Last night was awesome, amazing turn-out guys. Had fun talking to you all.

    Cringe...cringe....for the ALLIANCE....oh god I said it... /hide

  48. Fealen Says:

    I meant Deathwing.....bleh proofreading.


  49. Tyrsalt Says:

    I was seriously considering joining up when Tam mentioned it, until I found out that it was alliance. I just can't bring myself to roll and alli ever, ever, ever again.

  50. Littlebark Says:

    I LOVE this! Already rolled an alt and can't wait to play more.

  51. lonomonkey Says:

    I'll drop by later tonight probably just to check it out!

  52. Dorgol Says:

    I think I'll make a char there this weekend...

  53. Hana Says:

    If this was Cataclysm I'd now have an excuse to roll a worgen somewhere... but now I'll need to come up with a good character concept that fits an existing Alliance race. I just can't roll characters without a concept. >_>

  54. Gronthe Says:

    Up until now my AD toons have been Horde. This will be a great excuse to roll Alliance.

    I'll be a coming this weekend! I'm starting from lvl 1, so I'm totally up for Hogger raids!

  55. Aleanathem Says:

    Awesome first major night in guild. And to all those saying "I'll never roll Ally." Get over it! It's a game and it's immature to continue to act so childish over fantasy races in a game! /rant! Sorry sick of immaturity over races in this game. If you can't play both sides I lose all respect for you.

    And yes SAN is rocking AD! Some server kills would be fun, but either way it's nice to have people who are a bit chatty unlike so many other guilds.

  56. Zan Says:

    People have reasons for their choices and they aren't always petty.

  57. tattooedsappho Says:

    i've only just discovered WoW blogging this past week but you guys seem wicked nice (what? me? from near boston? NAH!) and the whole no pressure environment is too awesome to pass up.

    ::rolls another spacegoat::

  58. nugget Says:


    Well, I didn't want to renew my WoW account before seeing if this place was as tempting as it made renewing seem to me.

    And TBH, NOTHING has tempted me before this came along.

    So I made me a trial account (Squeekachu) and joined the channel and...

    You do not have permission to speek.

    *invited by Kaelei* *accept* You do not have permission to do dat.

    *tries to explain* You are a trial account and you can only tell to people who have friended you.

    I already knew about the last, but the first two?

    Stupid, very stupid imo. -_-

    Looks like I won't be resubbing. :(

    I hope you guys have lots of chatty fun though!

  59. Aleanathem Says:

    Any reason over a faction in a fantasy game is petty. It's a game. I'm sorry, but there is no decent excuse that can be made except either not being interested or too many toons already. Most others just don't have any substance and are petty. And I have little respect for anyone without a decent excuse that uses "It's Alliance!" or "It's Horde!" as an excuse.

  60. Chev Says:

    Joined the guild tonight on the US realm, as I'm in oz.

    Great little project.

    First time on the alliance side, and it's freaky. Not least because my dwarf hunter is a Hemet Nesingwary look-alike. See you there!

  61. Kimberly Says:

    "Any reason over a faction in a fantasy game is petty. It's a game."

    I could understand that reasoning if the guild wasn't on an RP server. But if someone genuinely doesn't enjoy playing Ally races and now would have to do that plus mildly roleplay those unliked races then yes, it's a big deal.

  62. Priestgiblet Says:

    I'll join if you guys once i get WoW downloaded onto my computer. probably tomorrow. Maybe I'll xfer a toon /shrug

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