The Full Healy-Blog List
I follow a lot of healing blogs. I mean, a lot. Big or small, I’ll add most any healing blog to my feeder to at least give it a shot. If you’re wondering what my resources are for pointing out goings-on in the healer blogosphere (especially if you’re wondering if I’ve missed something), here is my full healer specific blogroll.

I don’t limit my list of resources due to popularity, size of readership, or any politics. I don’t care if the writer bashed me in a post that one time, or if they are smelly and a big jerky mcjerkface. If people post something I don’t like, or I’m not interested in… well then. I just don’t read that post.

The purpose of this list is to keep me up to date with what healers are saying in the blogosphere – from the small bloggers to the big ones. I don’t care if you only have 2 subscribers, and I’m one of them. If you post something that is good, I want to know.

This is a direct list from my feed-reader. If you know of a healy blog that is not on this list, please let me know so I can add them to my personal feed-reader. (comment or email: missmedicina at gmail dot com)

If you go through these links, you may find there are bloggers who have stated they are closing up shop. If the blog is still open, I am going to keep it on this list until after Cataclysm's release, because until the massive overhauls to our world and our classes, there may still be lots of relevant information on their blogs. Also, a lot of bloggers and players choose to find other things to do during the pre-expansion doldrums, so some may come back to the blogosphere.

If, however, you click on a link and it is broken, please let me know.


Multiple Class Healing Coverage

ETA: Last updated September 1st, 2010.

I will continue to keep this list updated (though I'm slow), so feel free to leave comments with suggestions :)

24 Responses
  1. Edainne Says:

    It makes me laugh that you posted me as a druid blog when my main is my holy priest.

    <3 <3 <3

    Not that I'm ever complaining about linkage.


  2. Kaethir Says:

    Although I'm moving away from my healing spec, I've got some healing info up (and will probably continue to).

  3. @Eda

    ha well, this is how all the blogs are listed in my feedreader. I have them split by class, so therefore if you write about more than one class, I generally just list the blog in whatever class alphabetically comes first. This is a direct copy and paste from my feedreader!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    *goes to cry quietly in a corner because his blog is not listed by MM....*

  5. Jasyla Says:

    I have a druid healy blog:

  6. Codi Says:

    Jess, quite a few of these thinks are broken, just so you know. XD

  7. Edainne Says:

    @Miss Medicina

    Well that makes sense. Still thank you again <3. I've been in such a crappy/sulky mood the last week or so, I'm terrified I'm going to come off as harsh or unappreciative.

  8. Ophelie Says:

    Looks like The Suicidal Healer doesn't exist anymore :(.

    Here are some extra paladin blogs you might want to add, because you clearly don't read enough healing blogs ;D.

    A Touch of Arcane (
    DI the Tank
    Kurn's Corner (
    The Holy Paladin (
    Zabery ( - he doesn't update often but when he does, its worth it)

  9. Angelya Says:

    Aw, you don't read mine? /sob

    Granted, I haven't posted much about healing recently... :) But do drop in and say hi if you have the time :)

  10. Anonymous Says:

    I feel pretty excited to be listed here amongst some of the best!

    I also read She's a Healadin at but I think she is still getting started :)

  11. Matticus Says:

    Hey M, I ran into this one the other day. Check it out and let me know what you think.

  12. superwaddle Says:

    Hey, I am running a priest blog based around playing in Iraq and putting up with latency, etc...


  13. Anonymous Says:

    Same, my blog is all around random stuff, its not focus towards healing much. anyway good list to find who im going to read up easier.

  14. Ferahga Says:

    Is this where I shamelessly self-promote my blog, Miss Medicina? Ah, yes, this looks like the place. Here goes:

    Compared to the other classes, your Shaman healer list looks a bit sparse (not in content, but in number), so allow me to throw my hat in the ring. I promise it's the bestest blog you'll read . . . from a Resto shaman perspective. . .in a 10-man strict guild . . .that isn't Ancestral Knowledge.

    Was that shameless enough?

  15. Well damn. Several people who commented here are people whose blogs I *thought* I already followed. Hunh. That includes Mediocre Priest, Cannotbetamed, and R&R. Sorry guys >.<

    @Kaethir - added, thanks!

    @Codi - fixed! (I couldn't check my faillinking until after it had been posted, and I was AFK until much later in the day!

    @Ophelie - Yeah I noticed that too. >.< Thank you so much for all the links, hurrah!

    @Tar - added, thanks!

    @Matticus - actually, I had started reading that site, but I'm still on the fence about it. Regardless, good call, and I'm adding them now.

    @superwaddle - added, and incidentally, i left a comment request for you!

    @Christine - Indeed, I have you in my google reader, just under a different category specifically for lots of guild management type stuff!


    Well now, it's not shameless self-promotion if I specifically ASK for blog suggestions, now is it?! You are added!

    Final note - A lot of the blogs suggested were ones I had been following for awhile, but stopped reading because I could not read the entire post from a feedreader. I read so many blogs that unfortunately if I can't read the entire post from my feedreader I tend to just skip it, telling myself I'll go back to it later... and then forgetting >.< If you don't show the entire post via feedreader, you might want to consider changing it - makes it a lot easier on your readers :)

  16. Finwe Says:

    Here's a few druid blogs that you seem to have missed:

    Nerf This Druid
    Rolling HOTS
    Tree of Life

    I was really surprised to see some on my list that you didn't have.

  17. Niniel Says:

    Thanks for the link! :)

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Shameless self-promotion....

  19. Sevo314 Says:

    After reading your blog, and numerous other posters, I became inspired to start my own. The main purpose is to cover some topics about priests, pallys, and the game in general as I observe them. My blogs are at
    Hopefully I can offer some interesting discussion.

    Thanks :)

  20. Malevica Says:

    Since you asked, I have a healy blog you might want to add.
    I'm at

    Probably best to put me down under Priest, since that's the class I generally raid with.

  21. @Malevica

    Added! Thanks :)

  22. Hey Miss Medicina!

    I just started a blog today, it's located at

    It's a priest blog with a pvp perspective, if you don't mind adding me I'd greatly appreciate it! :)


  23. Pyoska Says:

    Hey! I'm back!

    -big puppy dog eyes-

  24. Skraps Says:

    Thanks for the mention. Also I try to not be too smelly ;)

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