Blizz ain't so bad!
One of the things we were concerned about when we chose our official "raid nights" was the unreliability of Maintenance Day. In the end, we decided just to risk it, and stick with Tuesday/Thursday raid nights, since the majority of people were available on those nights, but every week we have to cross our fingers and hope that the server will be up by 8pm EST on Tuesday nights.

Last night was one of those nights where all the finger crossing in the world did not change the fact that our server was down, as well we many others.

I'm not complaining about it. Truth be told, I was in no mood to raid last night anyway, but I sometimes enjoy reading all the QQ on the forums about it when maintenance is extended into evening. I wonder how often people even notice when Blizzard puts a credit on their account? Blizz rarely mentions it themselves, which I find somewhat strange - you'd think they would be all about telling people to lay off, at least they gave them a partial refund, i.e. credit.

So, just for kicks, I checked my account, and looked at my payment history. Sure enough, I received a one day credit on July 9th, and I have no idea why. I checked my blog history, and that's while I was in Texas. >shrug< I also got a 1 day credit on May 6th. Again, I have no idea why. I'm assuming both were for server downtime that did not fall on a Tuesday. Remember the great Wintergrasp Crash of '08? November 27th ish it must have been, because i received 4 days worth of credits.

Also, seeing as how I'm coming up on my 3 year anniversary of WoW, I think it would be cool if Blizzard gave pets or recognition to their customer's WoW anniversaries. I have friends who have been playing for at least 4 years, if not more - it would be really neat if Blizz had even some automated way to honor long standing customers.

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  1. Mister K Says:

    I agree a small token on your anniversary of sending $15/month would be nice

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