Update to Holy Priest Leveling Guide
If you are looking for my leveling guide, you may find that it has moved - please update your bookmarks!

I consolidated all of the level ranges into one monstrous post, complete with bookmark links within the page so make it easier to navigate.

I have also finally added Level 40-50 to the guide.

This is just one more piece of my on-going attempt to better organize the various guides I have on this blog, in order to make them easier to access and read. I realize they are very long, and I do that intentionally in order to be as inclusive as possible. Hopefully the bookmarks and table of contents will make it easier for users to get past all the TLDR stuff and get to the details they seek.

In the future, for those of you using the leveling guide, I do intend to add sections on how to heal instances at various levels, since I realize many of you are interested in that. Whenever I make any large changes or updates to any of my guides, I will make a new post about it.

If you find that any links on any of these guides do not work properly, PLEASE leave a comment informing me so that I can fix it.

Happy weekend!

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