Randomness r Random
Yesterday I was working on a kill quest for my little undead priest I'm leveling, and ran into another priest of the same level. We grouped up in order to kill the mobs. I later inspected him, and cheered because the differences between us rather proved my lolsmite point. At level 20, I was doing a helluva lot more damage than the shadow specced priest next to me. I also had a lot more mana, and way fewer mana problems.

A lot of experienced priests will tell you that up until level 40 and Shadowform, Holy spec does a lot more damage, and I completely agree after comparing my damage to a level 20 shadow-specced priest. Now that I have Holy Fire, which often crits in my case (yay Holy Specialization!), I'm really whacking through the foes. I hit 20, and had nowhere near enough gold to pick up a mount, and was feeling all sadface. There were a lot of things I needed to buy and craft, and I was just broke. And then, as I was farming spiders for ridiculously expensive Spider's Silk, Sentry Cloak randomly dropped.


I managed to sell it for 99g within 3 minutes of it being on the AH. The enabled me to purchase Glyph of Smite (I am going to need to take a second look at this glyph and server differences and make adjustments to my guide. Unless it's an alt, most people canNOT afford 30g for Glyph of Smite at level 20), a few Spider's Silk so that I could make Spidersilk Drape, some items for crafting, and my mount and training, leaving me with about 20g after all was said and done (Spider's Silk is incredibly expensive, a PitA to farm, and Spidersilk Drape requires SIX of them).

Tomorrow expect a way TLDR post with more QQ about the change to tradeable BoP items. I've made a few posts on the forums, looked around a bit, and there was a relevant post on WoWInsider today. But it just felt too heavy for a Tuesday Maintenance day. We want fun stories. I owe the boys over at Save or Die Radio another newbie gaming post, but until I have some idea regarding the feedback from my initial post, I don't feel comfortable writing a new one. There were no comments on my first post, and the next episode hasn't been released yet, probably partially due to Adam and Jack being at PAX.

I'm also currently practicing what my therapist warns me is called "avoidance". Sick puppy has not gotten any better, and is not going to get any better unfortunately, so I think people know what that means. I'm going to go think happy thoughts now about bubbles and butterflies so that I don't start crying again.

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