The Internets are just like... A WEB
I can't even express in words right now how totally excited I am. So, let's try a picture...
Due to vast efforts on behalf of Dan Hughes, who is a fellow columnist at Save or Die Radio and one of his twitter friends (for privacy reasons, I won't give her name), they managed to complete my "Find Angry Alice" quest! 3 million xp to both.

The artist is listed on deviantart, and his handle is C3R3ALKILL3R. He is from Spain, and this particular picture was just something he sketched up in high school. He has a lot of really amazing work, and I encourage everyone to check him out. I'm going to order a print of this image sometime in the next week. Also, I need to ask him for permission to be using his image for my avatar all over teh internets.

It is really amazing how you can make so many random connections all over the internet. I told my fiance that, and his response was "I know... it's almost like a WEB... that is WORLD WIDE." Smart ass. But truly, since I started writing this blog, I've met some amazing people, and I'm not even talking about the folks in the Blogosphere. Twitter has introduced me to even more amazing people, and writing this column for Save or Die Radio has opened even more doors.

It's not that I'm trying to become some kind of internet celebrity. I just really like to write. I also really like to help people, which is why I enjoy writing so many newbie guides. I never actually expected anyone to read any of it, or to meet so many great folks. When Dan linked me the above picture via twitter, and announced that his friend found it, I was so warmed and happy and excited, I almost cried (which would have been very awkward for the three gamer dudes I was hanging out with). I don't even know these folks, and they spent hours helping me out!

I'm realy feelin' the love right now.

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  1. Spanklin Says:

    I wonder if she is wearing panties...

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