Everyone Loves a Farmer Joke
I recently acquired the patterns for Leggings of Awesomesauce and Sandals of Consecration. I am hoping to craft those boots for myself soon, but do not, as of yet, have the required Primordial Saronite. Therefore, I've been offering up my services in crafting the afore-mentioned pieces in Trade channel (using trade for trade?! Me? It's a first!) in order to save up some cash to purchase the Primordial Saronite I need.

So there I am in Dalaran, bored, occasionally clicking on my macro announcing my willingness to craft these items for people, with their mats, for 300g. As I'm sitting there debating over whether I should lower the price to 200g, I get a tell from a level 72 hunter, asking why on earth I would charge people for crafting something with their mats.

I close my eyes, count to ten, and then calmly explain to him that those patterns cost me the price of the Primordial Saronite needed to purchase the patterns themselves, the months spent in ICC getting reputation high enough to purchase them, not to mention all the time and effort I spent in leveling my profession. "Wow u must b rich!" is his response. I ignore this, thinking to myself how after purchasing these patterns I am most assuredly not rich anymore, and then he continues by asking me how much gold I have. For some reason this strikes me as particularly rude, coming from a stranger, and I tell him that is none of his business, and he responds "lol im not going 2 rob u", after which I simply stop responding to him at all.

I am not a gold maker. When I have a large supply of gold, which is rare, it is usually due to weeks spend grinding dailies. Truth be told, I rather suck at it because I simply do not have the patience. I can run dailies every day, but for me, that is less an issue of patience, and more a chance to play around with my shadow spec. I learned to play shadow by doing dailies. When someone asks in trade chat if someone can craft something for them, and I can, if I'm not busy I will help out, and usually I just do it for free if I'm just standing around bored. I suck at making money.

Having said that, I have a very extensive list of patterns for both Enchanting and Tailoring. I don't talk about it here much, but I'm slightly obsessed with professions. They are quite possibly my favorite part of the game. When I played Aion, I would sit around all day and craft things. So I really should probably spend more time selling combines in trade chat.

We share a small chat channel amongst the folks who make up our core 10 man raiding group, simply because we've all grown pretty close, and we're not all in the same guild. I was relating this story to our resident ret pally, and he commented about me farming. Confused, I asked him what he meant.

Tordun: "You said you were doing combines. So... you were farming. GET IT? GET ITTTT?"
Me: "..."
Tordun: "Are you seriously telling me you don't get that?"
Me: "..."
Muffincups: "I got it, but then.. I'm from blahblah county." (A county near where we live that is largely made up of farmers)

The more you know.

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  1. Optiar Says:

    Have you thought about selling bags on the AH? I do some of that on my main server, as well as some leg patches (mostly the leatherworking ones, but tailored ones sell too). Dailies are reasonable cash, and I've had good luck with fishing -- though that's mainly as I happen to enjoy fishing in game, probably.

    If you're interested, we can chat about gold making in SAN chat sometime.

  2. Sacerdote Says:

    Oh, and there's me thinking this was going to be a Viz joke about Hemorrhoids.

    I also can't be bothered to make money in-game, but auctioneer and lil sparky's workshop are useful when deciding what to craft to make a few gold pieces.

    We don't have any farmers where I come from.

  3. Roguewind Says:

    When I saw farmer joke, other non-PG notions came to mind.

  4. Fuubaar Says:

    @ Sacerdote

    And where is that exactly... the Moon?

  5. Breevok Says:

    If you truely are a recipe junkie...

    Scroll of Enchant Chest - Greater Stats

    That is all.

  6. Aryas Says:

    My best gold making method was to put one of Sapphire Spellthread and Brilliant Spellthread on the AH for 250+ gold a pop. Sadly, with the increase in Frozen Orb prices, this has become less profitable now.

    My main problem in gold making is I don't have a solo spec anymore, only Holy/Disc spec-ed character. So, I've began to level a druid, because "if you like using renew, "roll a druid." *cough*

  7. Sacerdote Says:


    London actually. And whilst there are a few smallholdings and a bunny park, there's certainly nothing that could be described as a farm within many miles.

    So, as a first approximation, there are no farmers where I come from.

  8. @Optiar

    These are the things I usually do. I don't make loads of gold by any means, but I make enough to maintain my raiding fun through bags, enchants, and spellthreads here and there.

    You know how some people have a ton of fun working the AH and making gold? I'm definitely not one of those - i rather hate it.


    Around where we currently live, it's just inconceivable to not be somewhat near farms, even if you live in the cities.

    I grew up as a city girl mostly, so I'm still a bit slow on the uptake when it comes to farmer terms!


    ORLY? Dare I ask?


    Good tip, I've been making those quite a bit too.


    They go for around 150g on our server (depending on time of week) and the price of eternals means that it's barely a profit anymore. sadface!


    I know I already responded to your comment, but now I'm completely fascinated... what exactly is a bunny park?

  9. Sacerdote Says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Sacerdote Says:

    The Bunny park is actually the Brent Lodge Park and Animal Centre near Hanwell in West London.

    It used to have a large wired enclosure where unwanted pets, such as rabbits and guinea pigs, could be dropped off. hence the nickname of the bunny park.

    It's a proper petting zoo now, although there are still plenty of rabbits.

    There are some pretty pictures of it at http://cuckooites.blogspot.com/2008/01/bunny-park.html

  11. Fuubaar Says:

    @ Sacerdote

    Well, to give you an idea... I live in Indiana baby! Where the corn grows high & if a tractor didn't slow you on your way to work, you're doin it wrong :)

    Cool pics of the Bunny park.

  12. Optiar Says:

    There's another important part to getting more gold that I rarely see mentioned, and that's cutting costs. Generally people talk about ways to earn more, instead. Remember, a gold saved is a gold earned!

    One thing I'm not sure many people know is that reputation discounts apply to repair costs. I always try to repair where I have high rep -- a 20% discount at exalted really adds up when you're talking about raiding repair bills.

  13. Cassandri Says:

    I still don't get it? :(

    BTW if you love your professions and you have all the old world enchants that people can pop on their BoA gear you could look into keeping and selling a stock of about 5 or 6 popular enchants on the AH.

    I dabble (fairly seriously) in both the BoA enchanting scroll "market" and that glyph market on my server and I can tell you that the enchanting stuff is making me a lot more profit and is a heck of a lot more fun.

    There's also way less other people on the server who have the rare and yummy receipes.

    One day I'll do a post about it. But til then I would recommend checking out the material cost and AH price for

    Enchant Weapon - Crusader
    Enchant Weapon - Lifestealing
    Enchant Weapon - Major Agility (the Timbermaw one)
    Enchant Weapon - Might Intellect (the 22 one from Thorium Brotherhood)
    Enchant Weapon - Spellpower (the extremely rare drop from MC)


    Enchant Chest - Greater Stats (world drop)
    Enchant Chest - Greater Health
    Enchant Chest - Greater Mana

    Not 100% sure if i have the names right - but they're the ones that don't have an item level requirement.

    If you love collecting the most difficult and rare enchants (like me) this is a really satisfying way to make some gold.

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