I think I Need a Makeover
There is a crisis in the Priest community right now. It's regarding gear.

Am I talking about improper itemization for shield spamming Disc Priests? No.

Am I referring to the bait and switch for our tier bonuses? Nyet.


Now, I don't consider myself precisely a fashionista, and I'm quite proud of the fact that in general my lovely dwarf eschews all forms of vanity but... Really?

A turtleneck?

80s shoulderpads on crack?

Dominatrix inspired chains on my skirt?

My head is not only ON FIRE, but it also appears to have sprouted wings. In fact, if you look at it from behind...

I appear to be a very brightly dressed vampire.

I know I am not the only priest who feels this way. Must we be so poorly dressed?

And apparently there are some Pallies who feel the same way. The Light shines down and illuminates our crappy wardrobe, apparently.
17 Responses
  1. Shintar Says:

    I'm lucky that the Horde tier nine and tier ten vaguely match colour-wise, so the mix and match during the transition is not too painful. Still disappointed with the look of the newest set though, I don't like that vampire look either. Probably the worst priest set of this expansion if you ask me. :[

  2. Felbain Says:

    From behind, looks like a large beetle landed on your head. Ouch!

  3. Chris Says:

    The cowl'ed look I can forgive, but I wish they'd give us something different - we've had that on original tier gear (i.e. not T7) since Tier 5. It's getting a bit old now not being able to see my face.

  4. Well, us druids aren't exactly happy looking like a cross between Little Shop of Horrors and something out of Lovecraft :(

    I miss my T9 - it at least looked pretty. Apart from the helm, helms have been fail for a long time....

    Csara of Suramar

  5. Tam Says:

    Dominatrix dorf.

    Do not waaaaaant.

  6. Cassandri Says:

    Hmmm you could hide your cloak, and buy a nicely coordinated tabard to cover everything up - kind of mesh it all into 1 colour scheme.

    Otherwise... yeah, the shoulders are going to remain a problem.

    Now if you'd been a Shadow Priest - you'd always be guaranteed to look awesome!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Could be worse, your Tier 9 could make you look like some sort of tan and brown beetle!

    Shamans did luck out with Tier 10 though, so I can't complain (for now).

  8. Stop Says:

    Could be worse; my tier 9 (as well as that of all my fellow plate wearers...) made us look like missing decorations from the Exodar.

    That is some ... uh... "special" T10, though. What is it with T10 and shading faces? The pally helm does it too. Methinks the hat designer was in love with Assassin's Creed.

  9. Daffnae Says:

    Too funny. Last night I was thinking of creating a "Good, Bad and Ugly" post with my current look being the ugly.

    I am jealous of your belt. Mine is huge and looks like something out of the WWE. How is a girl not supposed to feel fat when her belt doubles her waistline.

    With regard to the helm, I still prefer my pigtails to any of the helms I've had, so it never gets shown.

  10. Kayllnn Says:

    IDK my friend who has 4 piece T10 looks really pretty. But maybe night elves work those outfits a bit better IDK. You should check out the shaman T10 pieces. The T9 was sooo pretty and now I look like a giant cavewoman. It looks like I killed a dead animal and threw it on as a dress. Mages are looking pretty nice in T10, but I think warlocks always have the coolest looking outfits.

  11. Tim Says:

    Honestly, whatever happened to the days of tier 2 and tier 3? That was FANTASTIC gear...the transcendence and faith pieces looked great, had wonderful lighting effects, and screamed "I HEAL WELL" in proper English.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Hi my name is Lyrandre and I am a bubble spamming...dominatrix warlock?

  13. Anonymous Says:

    I was looking at my Priest last night and thinking the exact same things!

    Where for art thou style and class? We don't look terribad but being meh just won't do.

    I am wearing two T-10 (head and shoulders) and Meteor Chaser's Raiment so I don't look too bad. In fact much better now that I got rid of my preggo looking belt :p But I miss the days when Priest gear was awesome looking.

    Come on Blizz throw us a bone or even better some wings!

    Hamacus of Sen'jin

  14. Tiex Says:

    I've been wondering this for some time now.

    Not that I can complain about looks, I'm an undead priest and I really think it would be strange to look... ahn... Holy.

    I loved Tier 9! While all the Blood Elf priests were horrified about their looks, I was ecstatic!

    "Look at how badass I am! Yeah, that's right! I'll heal you to death!"

    That didn't look "priestly" at all, but it was really cool.

    Now, looking at T10, I don't really know what to think.

    Judging by the colors, I could be mistaken for a mage or a warlock, perhaps. It's not pretty, but it's not too ugly either.

    To be honest, for T10 to remotely resemble a priest, it has to be the heroic version, with all the white and blue. MAYBE.

  15. Caste Says:

    Heh, I had a complain about this a while back on my blog. I'm actually envious of Alliance priests. Your gear looks half decent when you stand beside a Horde priest dressed in purple or green drag, insane vampiric collar turned up to the crown of the head.

    If I had a choice, I would still be wearing T9 or T8. :(

  16. Exanna Says:

    Ya know... I kind of like the T-10 hood. I usually don't let my helm or my cloak show, but I let the helm appear for the fire on top. I think it is very "sexxy." Like a nun who purrs... if you know what I mean. Anyhoo- I think what your toon is suffering from is what many women- including me- suffer from IRL. For some reason, designers and blizz make these things so they look better on someone with some height on them. And they also have to be skinny as $h!t. This makes me angry. LOL I think if you take the cloak off- and maybe the helm- you might like it better? Or if you just activate the "gimme-another-foot" buff, that might be even better. :P

  17. Cecily Says:

    I agree! I miss the gear that actually looked good. imo, they topped out with the t5 Avatar set, which was my favorite. Since then they've gone down hill. I mean, a ninja mask, then a vampire cowl? For priests? Really?

    btw, I play a troll, and it doesn't look good on me either ;)

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