Yesterday when I woke up I fell right into a mental pit in the ground, so bear with me as I try to climb my way out over the next couple of days. I guess there's only so much srs healing philosophy posts in one week, it appears. Also, the debate rages on about Holy Pallies and Disc Priests in the comments section of my Single Target Healing post, and I'm reading it with great interest.

So, first on the docket: ICC nerf buff. Luckily, it's optional, because I'm with BobTurkey - WHY SO SOON? I want none of that nonsense. As soon as I heard about it yesterday I alerted all my ICC10 team members via a very professional, thoughtful, and mature email, that consisted of only one line.


Of course, some of the DPSers who shall remain nameless were totally in favor of utilizing that buff. If we were really struggling with the content, maybe - but we aren't struggling any more than the average raiding guild. The only thing limiting us is time. But wouldn't it make more sense to wait until a lot of different guilds have completed it on Heroic? No one on our server has yet. As far as I know, there's no way to differentiate between achievements gained with the buff or without it. My achievements are a mark of pride for me, especially since my guild is so small.

See, I'm that annoying person that never wanted to use the door exploit of Shade of Aran in Kara. I refused the "walk behind the Lich King in Halls of Reflection" cheat long before purple lightning of death doomed its existence. I never wanted higher level players and friends to run me through dungeons or quests. I am, quite possibly, the most irritating person ever... BUT I DON'T WANT YOUR PITY BUFFS.

In all seriousness though... it does seem rather soon for the buffs to me. I realize we're slow on progression, but... really? Hmm. Maybe I'm just ridiculously out of touch with the raiding scene.

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  1. Grimmtooth Says:

    It can come in handy when you're learning new bosses and are almost there. After everyone has the steps of the dance down, then flip the switch and do it for realsies.

    I'm with you, I don't like using exploits either. That Shade one was pretty damned tedious, too. The one time we tried it, I almost dropped raid. Out of boredom, not to make a point, but still :)

  2. Arioch Says:

    The buff came out way too soon in my opinion.

    Cataclysm still isn't in beta yet, so why the rush to get us through ICC?

    If my guild gets our new kills under this buff I will feel like a charity case.

  3. Codi Says:

    TOO SOON! *gibbers madly*

  4. Anonymous Says:

    "..wouldn't make more sense to do it when many more guilds have completed it on heroic mode?". I think this is exactly the issue. Few guilds (one I think as of this writing) have. Perhaps Blizzard has designed exactly the encounter it wanted - super challenging for even top guilds w/out the buff & very hard/hard for the rest of us. Personally, I think Blizzard's buff timing is welcome & just what the "common" raider ordered.

  5. Jasyla Says:

    I think it is a little soon. They should have waited for the first full clears of the hard-mode instances at least.

    However, I'm not overly upset about it, or against using it. A 5% boost won't make a huge difference to most, but will just give a slightly bigger margin for error. I am a bit concerned about how often the buff will be increased though. While I feel that 5 or 10% is an acceptable buff, I really don't want to see it jumping to 30% any time soon.

  6. I'm not sure if I'm happy about it. But what I can say is that I'm happy that after giving ourselves concussions banging our heads against Rotface week after week after week, we managed to down him... BEFORE the buffs came out. We're worried about it being frustrating every week but the buff should help with that. But I'm just really glad that we don't have to doubt our awesome acchievment at all, or feel that we wasted all this time trying to get coordinated etc when all we needed was a 5% buff

  7. Cyren Says:

    I've already had one ideological discussion with a guild mate over the buff / nerf. I'm in the 'Lets have the buff on for the wings we have on farm and off for progression bosses' camp. That was we get to the progression bosses faster (for more wipes, yay!), while my guildmate is in the 'buff on for progression, once we've downed it we can go back and try with the buff off camp' Like that will ever happen ; )

  8. Aryas Says:

    As someone who is on one of the worst servers in terms of progression, this is will help for sure.

    I don't see what the big deal is. Don't like it, don't use it.

  9. Havoca Says:

    I think the reason I like it is because I'll be able to experience more of the content. Even though I think we're moving at an okay pace, we keep resetting the ID as well because of rep needs, gear needs, etc. If we can power through those, we'd have more time in our two hour window to experience the bosses we haven't attempted yet, and sure, I guess we could turn off the buff for those fights...

    I don't think it's any different than getting the 5% increase because we used the random finder when we run heroics.

  10. @Havoca

    Oh we will still see all the content. When Cataclysm is on our doorstep, and we only have a month or so left before Arthas is obsolete, we will accept the buff then I clean up whatever we weren't able to do on our own.

    But when I put this group together, I really wanted it to be the same content, the same challenge, that others were seeing, even if it were at a slower pace. So, in light of that, I'm sticking to that original plan until muuuuch later in the game.

  11. Hinenuitepo Says:

    I only have one night for 10-man progression - I'll take what I can get there.

    I WANT heroic 25-man and am working on LK there... I'll take what I can get there too! :)

    AFTER all content is said and done, it may be fun to go back and flip the switch, but I'm in the camp that says you can't really unswitch the switch now... it's on already and there's really no epeen to saying "I DID IT WITHOUT THE SWITCH!1!!!111"

  12. Anonymous Says:

    I kind of wanted to turn off the buff, but my raid leader suggested that I also dispell all of my raid buffs and go without a flask. So we're keeping the buff!

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