Patch 3.3.3 LOLNotes
There's nothing relating to my priesty audience in the patch notes that I haven't already covered.

And so I direct you to Amber's in-depth and totally analytical and relevant explanation of the patch notes. That is all.

ETA: Here's a linky to the real patch notes, posted by Zarhym. They are too long for me to C&P here for now.

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5 Responses
  1. Fealen Says:

    There's a new patch? I havent seen one bit of news on it. Maybe will have something. :-P

    Filler post Miss?

  2. @Fealen

    Definitely NOT a filler post! I made a post earlier today about Greater Heal ;) No need to fill. But I read Amber's post and it cracked. me. up. I'll ETA the post and provide the link to the patch notes though.

  3. @Fealen

    Aaaaand it just occured to me the definition of "sarcasm". >.>

  4. Fealen Says:

    @ Miss

    You should know by now that I'm a jester, and any thing I say needs not to be taken seriously. :-P

  5. Anonymous Says:

    God, this is starting to sound and look a lot like /gchat.


    ps...I will not take the easy way out and create an account. I will continue to hopelessly add my name to every single post I make because I know how much you, MissMed, like to review anonymous posts :)

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