This is What a Troll Looks Like
ETA: Don't worry. It's not real.

When SAN first started, there were a lot of people who were excited about the prospect of a drama-free social space. I believe at some point Gevlon even commented that it would be a boring guild, because there would be no drama.

There is absolutely no way that a guild with over 400 human beings in it can completely avoid drama.

There is absolutely no way that a guild full of bloggers whose hobby is based on their ability and desire to express strong opinions clearly would ever avoid drama.

A completely drama free guild WOULD be boring, but there's no need to worry about that - we have no such lofty goals as far as I can tell.

So. We might as well have a sense of humor about it ;)

Today I was shocked - SHOCKED I tell you - to find that I am the target of some truly cruel and unfair words by some weird dude with a fascist name like Klepsawhatit or something.

I don't have to stand for this. Here is proof of his vicious attacks against me last night in SAN chat.

You're right, jerky mcjerkface. I don't have to put up with this... this.. HARASSMENT.

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  1. Deyndor Says:


    Also, this posts label is awesome.

  2. Klepsacovic Says:

    So predictable. I said it hours ago this morning: "I didn't bother to take any screenshots since I'm trusting her to get all drama-whore and post some. Also because unlike someone I like to leave stuff behind me and not go on and on about it."

  3. Fealen Says:

    "Screenshot or it didn't happen" oh....wait, you have screenshots? Ummm, yea.....about that...

    Miss, I stand behind you 100%. Creating a friendly atmosphere is what SAN is about, and those causing anyone to be uncomfortable should be shown that while we are guild with friendly people that we still follow a system of keeping the atmosphere in check when needed.

    As for the title, it gets "awesome" x2.

  4. Rades Says:

    I'm going to go ahead and assume this is all a weird joke that I missed out on by not logging into SAN the last few days. If it's not, then I'm sad that the awesome idea of SAN has already caused a bunch of strife and drama amongst the WoW blogger commmunity. :(

    It's like we're under attack by the spirit of Gevlon's anti-social guild!

  5. Kayeri Says:

    Well, he's had his 10 minutes of fame, now let's just ignore his sorry ass... and if he keeps it up, well, you've got the proof to take to Blizz and hopefully the Banhammer will strike.

    Harrassment, most especially of the continuing variety IS a bannable offense. Hang in there, Miss, and if he keeps it up, keep right on with the screenshots and rack up the evidence of it.

  6. Roguewind Says:

    I'm honestly surprised it took this long for some d-bag to come along and pee in everyone's cereal.
    Unfortunately, trying to do something nice attracts the trolls. buck up, cowgirl.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Clearly taking the high road was out of the question, and the rational reaction was to create a stupid blog post...

  8. Heather Says:

    So he's harassed you in game, by email and now on your blog? I'd say you have good grounds for contacting blizzard to be honest.

    *hugs* As someone else said; hang on in there hon.

  9. Yeah, as much as I admire you for working to build such a wonderful guild environment, I think I have enough past experience of being a GM of a guild full of bloggers to be able to safely say, I saw drama of some sort coming. I just hope that this isn't as serious as you seem to show it. I hope that's it's a tongue in cheek joshing along the lines of my and BRKs 'fake fueding for fun'. (tm)

    It's not that bloggers or blog readers are prone to drama. It's just that blog writers, even more than other players, often seem to act as though they are special and everyone else should give greater weight and consideration to their opinions and views.

    If you get a whole lot of bloggers together, at least a couple of those strong willed, opinionated, outspoken people are going to have different points of view on something. Some of them will have had a bad day and not react well to something someone else says, take something the wrong way and get flippant or hurtful in return instead of taking a deep breath and seeing if what you think they said was what they really meant to say, or get into an argument over character theorcrafting and tell someone how to play their character, or something.

    And all of them have a public outlet to let loose the reigns of pissyness if they so choose.

    I'm not saying it's doomed to failure. Not at all. I applaud you and admire you, really.

    I'm just saying that if you're gonna do it, set your standards, publish your rules of etiquette, administer them fairly, be as patient and understanding as you can, and know going in with eyes wide open there WILL be drama from some special little snowflake that thought those rules on being considerate and polite you posted meant everyone but THEM.

    After all... they've got a blog!

    dur dur dur

  10. Periluna Says:

    Oh my god. YOu must be really young or lucky of thats your idea of being "assaulted " as you so nicely put it. I think the drama started with you. You could have just said no thank you and moved on. "Rolls eyes." Thanks for giving me my laugh of the day.

  11. @Periluna

    Yay! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I'm here to entertain :)

  12. Anonymous Says:

    No one should take abuse or be a bully. This all needs to end I'm sorry Miss M that you were treated that way by a member of a community that should have learned from the recent past.

    I was there I saw what happened so I'm not speaking from the outside.
    But i will reamain anonymous for that very reason

  13. Klepsacovic Says:

    @Anonymous: If you were there, did you by any chance catch the pre-drama preparation where the two of us specifically talked about how we should start a fake flame war between our blogs?

  14. Damnit, you're supposed to let it go for a few more hours, at least.

    It's only when other bloggers get a chance to LINK to your drama so strangers that don't know you well can come, see what you've said, jump to conclusions and get totally outraged on your behalf that things really get cooking.

    Next time... next time, give it two days, and wait for me and a few others to post links. Trust me, you'll see some fireworks. :)

  15. SlikRX Says:

    Well, I *was* there on AD during the festivities (though I missed the intro) and I wasn't sure WHAT was going on.

    My first assumption was it was these two having a go in jest.

    Then I read Klep's blog and got a tad uncomfortable.

    I came over here, and got really uncomfortable.

    Funny, yes, but maybe just a *little* too close to home after the last few days... :)

  16. Darlene Says:

    you all are bad bad I say fooling poor unsuspecting...oh who am i kidding you had me buffaloed...good one guys. Not Don't Do It to give a person a heart

  17. @BBB

    Well, I think that was the original plan but people are especially sensitive as of late, so we thought that might be a little bit cruel.

    I'm already pretty sure there are several folks who think it was in poor taste, but I suspect that to my regular readers, it was pretty obvious Klep and I were simply having fun :)

  18. Analogue Says:

    I was there and it really was just this awesome.

    Sadly some traitor let Klep back into SAN...

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Alright, real goddam funny! Us poor DKs have had Arthas turn our brains and body to mush and then you, you, you PEOPLE (yeah, you blue spacecows, too) pull a prank like this! This! This! This is the reason I never leave the stupid Plaguelands! However, I now commit, nay, VOW to come to hunt you down in Goldshire and give you both an RP version of a smackdown! Jerks. :)


    ps 'bout spit up and ruined my monitor when I saw that the word verification was hadatat - can only imagine what I thought I saw (err, probably don't need to imagine too hard, though).

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