1000 Words is 999 Too Many
I do believe I've mentioned on numerous occasions that I am very fond of maps. Maps are like graphs or charts in the fact that they display very useful information, but they are also more "user-friendly". There's that old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, if you throw a bunch of data into a map, it says both a thousand words and a thousand numbers in one easy to understand package. Maps display information in a way that just makes a lot more sense. You can look at a chart of data and it might mean nothing to you until you put it on a map - the spatial environment being pictured gives you a lot of context.

For instance: Let's say I told you that I decided to go back and try to clean up some achievements I'm missing, such as the old world dungeons. And then let's say (hypothetically of course) that I told you "I got a little lost". I count only five words there. Let's see if a map really does give it a bit more context, and if it's really worth a 995 more, shall we?

In my line of work, we also always include a section in our research called "Exclusions & Limitations" (which for those of you not in Academia, that's the section where you add all the shit that makes everything you just did completely moot and pointless), so here I shall tell you that does not include the 20 minutes I spent lost trying to find the damn graveyard because I went AFK and something 40 levels below me meleed me to death.

Next time on Miss Medicina... I venture into Upper Blackrock Spire!! As a little spoiler, remember how I told you I have a problem falling off of ledges in Oculus? UBRS has giant holes...
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  1. Fealen Says:

    If you need someone to log on to his own toon and walk you through UBRS and LBRS, I can do that, I stealthed that places for hours one day because I was bored....

    What has my life come to.....

  2. Grimmtooth Says:

    Blackrock Spire? HAH! Go do BRD for the OMG-we're-lost-just-pull-over-and-ask-that-dwarf experience of your life.

  3. Chawa Says:

    oh, you have my sympathies! For Blackrock Spire, I highly recommend doing a search on youtube. I believe there is a vid that will give you a walk thru. (And it comes with a handy what-door-did-they-take pause button!)

  4. Anonymous Says:


  5. Niniel Says:

    Haha! Maraudon can be a bit confusing! I remember Sunken Temple was a bit confusing back in the good old days too.

  6. Klepsacovic Says:

    If you do it just right, you can fall from UBRS to LBRS. Or from LBRS to OUTSIDE THE ZONE. Best instance design ever. Of all time.

  7. Redbeard Says:

    Can you get into UBRS without a raid group?

    I haven't gotten to going through BR yet with my 80 Pally, so I'm understandably curious.

    Oh, and needless to say, Maraudon gives me headaches. Uldaman and Wailing Caverns too.

  8. @Fealen

    Awww, that's kind of you, but if I didn't have these miserable experiences to share, what exactly WOULD I blog about?


    I'm disappointed in your Grimm. Have a little more dorf pride! I can handle BRD solely due to the existence of so many dwarves!


    I really was trying to feel smart and wing it without any videos or maps, but that did not last long...


    hahahah, wait until you see the next post - you read my mind!


    Sunken Temple is a dirty word around these parts. You've been warned. I *HATE* that place!


    That's exactly what I did. Not sure how that qualifies as doing it right, but you trolls have your own sense of humor...


    I was wrong, I went into LBRS. I went into UBRS last night, but I was in a raid group, and I think you do need to be in a raid.

  9. Klepsacovic Says:

    UBRS dons not require you to be in a raid. It's a normal instance except that it has a higher player cap than normal since its designed for 10 (used to be 15) players.

  10. Finwe Says:

    Actually, since UBRS and LBRS are one instance, both can be run as 5-man or 10-man (raid). It's just that the lower part is designed for 5 and the upper part is designed (now) for 10.

    I believe this is the last of the vanilla dungeon design that allowed you to run a 10-man raid in a 5-man dungeon, which was very common back then. Sometime a few months before BC, they changed it so that the level 60 dungeons only allowed 5 people in. This was the same patch that changed the limit on UBRS from 15 down to 10.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Do you think it's a girl thing? I'm so with you here. I always get lost in instances. When I'm on my mage at least I look at my surroundings, but when I'm on priestly duties, I look at bars and I have no idea where I'm going. I also get lost outside instances. Everywhere. IRL too.

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