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So, although I'm "officially" still on hiatus and completely uninformed on current WoW happenings, I feel the need to celebrate the unofficially sanctioned Celebrate Geeky Women month. Happy June second!

Why Geek Girls Are Better

"Honey, I need you to take out all the trash."
"Okay, I will in a few minutes, I'm in a dungeon."
"Oh! Which one? That's fine, I know how long it takes to queue up for that! Take out the trash after the abyss crystals."

The GeekGirl/GamerGirl will understand that asking you to abandon a dungeon immediately means trashing possibly an hour of your time, as well as screwing over 4 other real human beings. She gets that it's not just a computer game that you can pause, and that it would be very rude to just bail on other people to do your chores. (Hopefully you get right to it after your dungeon though!)
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11 Responses
  1. pmx Says:

    lol .. don't Geek Girls take out their own trash ?

  2. McRaffles Says:

    My wife is wonderful and I love her to infinity, though I secretly wish she was a bit of a geek. That conversation could never happen in my house, she just doesn't get it. My daughter on the other hand got my genetic geek genes, my wife sometimes looks at us as though we are speaking another language =)

  3. caerphoto Says:

    It's stuff like this which makes me so glad my girlfriend plays WoW :D

    (in fact she's been playing it far longer than I have)

  4. Bri Says:

    My SO doesn't play MMO's, but she's very understanding about this exact sort of thing.

    She can get to Jewel Quest screens I've never seen before though LOL.

  5. Gronthe Says:

    My wife will watch our Stargate DVD's over and over but she won't play wow. However, I think that her enjoyment of some sci-fi has instilled just enough geekiness in her to understand stuff like this.

    Oh, and my kids take out the trash. That's what they're made for anyway, right?

  6. There is but only one response to the post title, and it is a simple, single word: TRUTH.

  7. Klepsacovic Says:

    This is so sexist. No one is happy that I'm a geek and delay chores in favor of instances, fishing, BGs, mining, or crafting on three different alts over the course of several weeks.

    It's time geek guys got their fair share. I demand that socially inept girls awkwardly hit on me

  8. Nim (Ankh) Says:

    Geek Girls = hot. End of story.

  9. Who We Are Says:

    love! :)

    wish my gf was.. she says it takes me away from her.. :(

    but sometimes she knows i need my self time... :)

    i love her..

  10. Redbeard Says:

    Hopefully you get right to it after your dungeon though!

    THIS is the most important part of the exchange. If you fail to hold up your end of the bargain, you're screwed. It's just like any other activity where your spouse might not be interested in; he/she will give you some slack if you can demonstrate that it won't impact your life together. Sure, he/she might not understand why you can't simply park your toon in midair and go see what's going on (my wife is spoiled that way when I go questing), but if you demonstrate that after you're done you will do as asked, he/she will be fine with it.

  11. Runew0lf Says:

    I know that very problem. Apart from this is parents. I was in TotC 10-man last boss and i was raid healer. I got shouted downstairs to which i replied, i'm a tad busy i'll be down soon. 5 seconds later, she came up shouting and pulled the plug on the internet. /sigh last boss raid healer..and they all probably wiped.

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