The Newest Dragon's Hoard
Well, I know it's not particularly useful, seeing as how you're all pretty handy, but I like having this kind of stuff on my blog and in the history anyway, so it is now time for the non-priesties to step outside and have some kool-aid while we holy and disc types have a little chat about Ruby Sanctum loot.


SO. According to WoWhead, there are only 9 epics that drop in 10 man Ruby Sanctum. And the only item a healing priest would really want is Abduction's Cover. And to be quite honest, I'm pretty meh about it. I'm currently rocking Volde's Cloak of the Night Sky, which can be purchased for 50 frost badges. For many of you, that might be pretty steep, and the Ruby Sanctum drop is an okay alternative. Personally, I hate mp5, and I would rather have the spirit (and for you Holy types, the Spirit is definitely better). However, Abduction's Cover has a red socket instead of a yellow, which means more spellpower, and that's always a solid choice.

All in all, pretty dull for us Priesties. So... let's take a gander at 25 man Ruby Sanctum.

WoWhead lists 16 different drops. Of those 16, there are 4 healy priest options.

  • Bracers of Fiery Night - Yummy. Crit + Haste is always my ideal, since mana isn't really an issue for me right now. True, you'll be competing with every other caster for it, but you could try to just let them die and maybe then they won't notice... Remember, as a healer, you hold the power! I'm currently using Bracers of Dark Blessings, of which I'm not too terribly fond (blue sockets and spirit socket bonuses make me cringe). You can bet I'll be pugging RS25 for these suckers.
  • Cloak of Burning Dusk - Vastly superior to Abduction's Cover from 10 man, and not just because of the difference in ilevel. The itemization of crit and haste in one item makes me shiver with delight. Nom.
  • Ring of Phased Regeneration - Not really much to say here, although again, that red socket is nice. I could use this as a standard upgrade from my Signet of Putrefaction, as long as I don't mind giving up the haste (and I don't) for the benefit of the crit.
  • Glowing Twilight Scale - Now this is what makes me particularly interested. I love trinkets, and I collect them and never ever throw them away. I like to mix up my trinkets based on the fight, based on my healing assignment, based on whatever my gear is currently emphasizing. What I love about this trinket is the solid spellpower bonus. As for the proc, I'll wait and see what the theory-crafters tell me. Someone go run the numbers, quickly! The shield spamming Disc priests want to know if it will proc off of the shield-heal-glyph! For me, as a tank healer, I'd love to try this out on Festergut.

Really, at this stage in the game, the only loot that interests me that much is new trinkets. TRINKETSHHHHHH. I love adding to my collection. But, for those of you who are aching to know what the potentials are for loot from Ruby Sanctum, now you have it. I can't wait to see what the heroic opportunities are!

Any word on the exact day we'll actually get a chance to infiltrate this rosy garden of dragonry?
6 Responses
  1. Len Says:

    Some nice items, although it fills me with 'GAH!!!' that yet again trinkets are only available in 25 mans :/

    Us European players will probably get the patch next week, so I'd imagine Ruby Sanctum will be released after this point.

  2. River Says:

    Some yummy loot thar

  3. Christina Says:

    Hard Mode Loot

  4. Anonymous Says:

    What annoys me is that the most interesting loot of course only drops in 25man. Which I don't particularly enjoy. Bah. Ah well, if I can get lucky and score a pug at some point, I may give it a whirl. If only for those sexy, sexy bracers. (There are no viable cloth bracer upgrades from Bejeweled in ICC in my opinion.)

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I would love it if you would share which trinkets you use for which fight. So that I could justify carrying even more stuff around in my bag for raids.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    One thing. I thought I'd like the trinket, but the the proc is actually an "On Use" effect, lasting only 15 seconds. Probably with 100% proc rate when activated.

    Now, it may just be me, but that seems like a major turn-off. I won't be going after this trinket, that's for sure. Even though there are better trinkets for Holy paladins anyway.

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