The Path Less Traveled
Oh, so I lied. It wasn't Upper Blackrock Spire that is included in today's Map 'O Misery. It's Lower Blackrock Spire. Psh. Which apparently I knew when I created this map several days ago, but forgot when I mentioned this in my post over the weekend.

What's fantastic about this map is that the base map I used actually included a handy dandy streamlined path that tells you the optimal way to travel through LBRS. As you can see, I completely ignored that. This map also includes a lovely new symbol for every place I fell down a pit and OUT OF THE INSTANCE. Grr. At least I didn't die. Basically, every place you could fall, I fell. Sometimes multiple times.

I think I spent an hour on one level running around aimlessly. At some point I found these spiders, and I killed some, and then thought that was it, and turned around and ran around some more. After finally getting frustrated enough to dig up a map through google, I realized I was supposed to continue past those damn spiders. So that's my tip for you folks working on your achievements: Go forth to the spiders, slaughter them, and then continue going past them dammit.

There you have it, isn't it lovely? I would love an addon that worked a bit like a GPS tracking waypoints and paths so that you could see exactly the path I took. I mean, I did my best to try and recreate the effect, but it would be even better if you saw the real thing, with little waypoints that marked everytime I fell down a pit or died.


Last night I went through Upper Blackrock Spire with my fiance, and I think I drove him nuts.

"You don't have to kill that... WHERE ARE YOU GOING? ... Where the hell ARE you?!!?!"
Jessabelle has earned the Achievement Leeeeeeeeeroy!
"Okay, Jessica, hold on a second, we have to channel this thing."
"Wait until this guy is dead, so that... where did you go?"
"Hey honey can you come help me? There are all these guys up here, and they keep knocking me back and stuff."
"What are you... "
Jessabelle has died.
"ARE YOU IN THE OTHER ROOM???! Dammit, why are you dead?"
Boingo has died.
"At least I have chicken."
5 Responses
  1. Redbeard Says:

    The ONE thing I want out of Cataclysm --and the one thing that's probably not going to be there-- is that Blizz applies the map concept in the Northrend 5-man instances to the Old World.

    I was in Wailing Caverns yesterday with an LFD group, and we ended up having to drop because we were missing one boss before the Tauren Druid could start the ending scenario, and we simply could not find that boss.

  2. Kurn Says:

    All those squiggly red lines and especially the Lay on Hands/Levitate icons just made me laugh uproariously.

    If I may be so bold, I've been (very slowly) doing videos relating to some old-school instances. Thus far, Strat Live and LBRS. Here's Part 1 of 2 of LBRS:

    I should link your map and say something like "AVOID THOSE RED SQUIGGLES, watch Kurn's Guide to LBRS!" ;)

    Your UBRS run sounds HILARIOUS.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    This post makes me LOL because that is so me.

  4. Rhii Says:

    Redbeard, the trick to Wailing caverns is to always follow the lefthand wall. Never leave the lefthand wall and you shouldn't miss a boss. :)

    I am also directionally challenged.

  5. SlikRX Says:

    I've never been able to do anything other than Lower. I simply can't figure out where the f**k to go. (lower is OK, not that I've been there a few times)

    Now, I like that WotLK simplififed things a bit, and none of the new instances are as fiendishly cicuitious, but I don't think I want themas "easy" as UK and UP. (Old Kingdom sucks IMHO - too easy to get lost)

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