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I heard the most depressing news today. My dear friend known ‘round the blogosphere as Fuubaar confessed to me that she had never been to a Rennaisance Festival. After I finished bemoaning this great tragedy in caps, I started to think more and more about this travesty.

This year we and several friends are going to GenCon. For me and Fuu it is our first time, as well as for another of our female friends. Last year was the first time for another of my female friends, though the guys have gone every year for nearly a decade. In the past year, I started playing Dungeons and Dragons for the first time, and I love it! I’m going to bring a very excited Fuu to her first RenFest this year.

I’m sure if you ask Fuu, she’ll tell you all the details about why she has only recently begun to experience these fun things, but I can relate to a lot of it. We’re geeks. We’ve always been geeks. But we repressed it when we were younger – it’s just not sexy to be a geek, didn’t you know?

Well screw that. I think geeky IS sexy. Gamer girls unite! I’m starting a new club, and it’s called Girls Gone Geek. And I declare the month of June Celebrate Geeky Women month.

So if you’re a guy, make sure that girls know it’s not unattractive for them to be gamers and a little geeky. Tell them it’s okay and encourage them to go do fun geeky things that they might have felt ashamed to do before. From what I understand, lots of guys would love it if their significant others were a little geekier and more into gaming!

And if you’re a girl? Do something particularly geeky this month. Break free from the patriarchy or something, ladies. Go to an arcade, have an all night wow-a-thon, tell the girls at work all about your tauren. If they look at you weird, tell them to go shove their eyeliner up their ass while you go get exalted with the Ashen Verdict.

Any other suggestions for fun GGG things Fuu and I can drag ourselves into? We’ve also decided we’re going to start brewing mead, so if you have any great recipes or links, send them our way!
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  1. Fealen Says:

    /bump for awesomeness!

  2. Alexis Says:

    My boyfriend got me into WoW, and he loved that I am a computer geek (we met at our university's tech support desk, where we still work) and we can be nerds together.

  3. Rades Says:

    I support everything you just said! Embrace your inner geek!

  4. Grimmtooth Says:

    Geek girls have always been sexy, it's just that everyone's been TELLING you otherwise.

    That's why it took me so long to find Mrs Grimmtooth - she was bein' repressed!

    Powah to da geek grrrlz!

  5. Redbeard Says:

    If you're brewing mead, Zymurgy (the magazine) is your friend. Okay, there's also the local homebrew shop, which is a godsend.

    When I had time (and money) for homebrewing, I used to go to our local shop for years. The owner talked a mile a minute, but he was a great source of information.

    As for the GGG idea, I like it! (I'm married to a girl geek, so I'm kind of biased.)

    Something else to consider to improve your geekiness is to get involved and/or go to any local SF/F cons; check your local game store for any details. My sister-in-law's husband goes to GenCon every year, and he loves it. I've thought about going to either GenCon or Origins, but if I did I might find that I have to watch the kids while my wife ends up playing boardgames.

    Good luck with the GGG!

  6. Deyndor Says:

    "geeky IS sexy"

    Truer words were never spoken. I support this 100%.

  7. Rhii Says:

    Hooray! Validation for my geek girl ways!

    MM you are the best. I'm going to hang up my framed Final Fantasy poster that I love and am faintly embarrassed of in your honor.

  8. Angelya Says:

    Geek girls unite!!

    Um, everyone around me already knows that I'm a big geek so I'll just keep being me :)


  9. Alex Says:

    Not quite mead, but cider is super easy to make.

    1) buy 1 gallon glass jar of organic apple juice (no preservatives anyway, since that will kill your yeast).

    2) toss in some extra sugar, perhaps a can of (organic) frozen apple juice concentrate. just dehydrate apple juice, nothing with artificial flavors etc.

    3) toss in *cider* yeast from your local homebrew shop

    4) cap glass jar with a bubbler and toss it in the closet for 2-4 weeks.

    5) bottle (optionally add more concentrate if it's not sweet anymore) and toss in closet for a week or two.

    6) consume eagerly, remembering that this could be 8-10% alcohol (2-3x as much as beer) because cider yeast have a higher tolerance.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    You want geek? D&D! I love it so much and get to play with great friends!!!

  11. Roguewind Says:

    The problem with geek girls (like my wife) is that they ask you to help them quest when you're trying to raid. Damn girl!

  12. @Fealen

    Can you bump a post on someone's own blog? /ponder


    My fiance and I met online - the perfect way to meet fellow geeks IMO!


    /embrace (it's so cuddly!)


    Society is totally opposed to us being geeky women! We're breaking through the repression!


    My fiance is a big con-man, if you will. We do hit up a lot of cons when able, as do all his friends. We're now dragging in some of our wow friends.

    Thanks for the tips on mead-making!


    XD Hell yes.


    Well in that case... I'M PUTTING UP MY SNAPE POSTER DAMMIT


    Then your task is to try to encourage geekiness in other girls!


    Does it just need to be organic due to the preservatives issue?


    I haz a cleric XD


    The good thing about gamer girls is that they understand that you can't just ditch a dungeon to take out the trash!

  13. Alex Says:

    Yep, anything without preservatives is fine. The "organic" tag on something is generally an easy marker for it, but by no means necessary.

  14. Jen Says:

    Guess growing up with a gamer brother helped with not being embarrassed of that... but I did spend many years not having anyone to talk to about SF books :(

    The internet is the best thing ever for geeks of any gender! I also met my boyfriend online, I play WoW and found a lot of great people there, and I write for a SF books review blog now. Yay for geekness!

    (P.S. Roguewind speaks truth. Beware. My boyfriend spent 6 months trying to get me to enjoy WoW, and now HE has to drag ME from the game.)

  15. Geeky Girls rock my world ^^

    I most definitely /salute this enterprise.

    That is all :)

  16. Bri Says:

    /cheer for girl geeks everywhere!

  17. Justin Says:

    Geek girls are the best kind.

    BTW, people who read your blog who also read Dan Savage are going to be very amused by your request for suggestions for GGG things you and Fuu can do.

    (How's that for a first comment on a blog you've been reading for a while?)

  18. Anonymous Says:

    I used to GM games at GenCon when it was still in Milwaukee. :D Haven't been to one since it moved. :(

  19. I'm not sure there's much more I can do to prove my geekiness, I don't exactly hide it (reading manga/Harry Potter/Discworld/other fantasy on the bus is cool, right?) as it is - I'm proud to wear my 'MOAR DOTS' t-shirt in public :D


  20. Kainda Says:

    I am all for this club! I found my geek side three years ago. About the time I started dating Fealen, actually. It is because of him that I play WoW, and because of a bunch of my guy friends that I play D&D more than I participate IRL sometimes. So I am all for GGG. Sign me up. I'm off to spread the word to my geeky girl friends.

  21. Niniel Says:

    I support this! :)

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