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I know that a lot of people try to forget the long gruelling leveling process, but I am not one of those (obviously). Though I, like most folks these days, do power level most of my alts now, back when I was new to the WoW game, I had no idea what that meant. Nor did I understand the terms QQ, guild, ninja, raid, welfare epic... well you get the idea.

Poor Elimeny the Paladin. Doomed forever to noobish status. I was level 40 before I understood (and began to use) Judgement. And that was back in the days where you had to renew your seals after every judgement and blah blah blah. Oh and you only had one type of judgement, none of this "Judgement of Light" crap.

Anyway, I digress.

Elimeny leveled in Elwynn Forest, like most humans, and I didn't have someone running me around. My friend who referred me to Lothar stuck around for about the first 2 levels and then he was gone, and I was on my own. So... I spent a LOT of time in that forest. For a week and a half, the Elwynn Forest music was the soundtrack to my life.

And my life, at the time, was lost. I had just dropped out of a PhD program, moved back halfway across the country to live with my boyfriend (now fiance), and not only was I jobless, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I had wanted to play WoW for awhile, but would never allow myself to do so while I was in school. WoW was sort of my "I'm a grad school drop out!" celebration.

I cannot venture back into Elwynn Forest without remembering those days. I haven't been able to bring myself to level another human for such a long time, due in no small part to the fact that no other leveling experience can compare with the first time. And being around that music makes me feel completely nostalgic.

It's similar to being in Dun Murogh, Jessabelle's homeland. Everytime I'm there and I hear the music, I'm reminded of all the things I did while leveling her, of discovering new things about being a priest.

The soundtrack for WoW is amazing. My favorite music is over in Grizzly Hills. What about you? Where do you hang out, just for the sound effects?
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  1. Bojangles00 Says:

    I remember doing a trial account way way way back and leveling a paladin. I don't remember that seal system much but thought it was shit. But when I started my warlock two years ago I remember being a massive nub. Which is weird because everyday, i remember the day before, i was acting like a massive nub.


  2. Bojangles00 Says:

    Oh yeah, I had music off throughout my leveling every time and had my own on because I got so bored. Is the WoW soundtrack really that good/

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