QQ about 3.3
Dammit, I'm angry.

Why am I angry, you may ask? Is it because of the changes coming to Haste? No.

What about the increase in ease of reputation grinds? Does that anger me because I'm already exalted with everyone? Nyet.

Is it the fact that Level 1 toons will no longer start with food and water in their inventory? Unh-unh.

What about the fact that Miners will now be able to make Enchanted Thorium, instead of Enchanters?

Here's what's pissing me off.

Brittle Revenants, quest creatures fought for the Sons of Hodir daily quest "Hot and Cold," no longer cast Shield Slam.


Fine, fine, you can all prance about happily. I'm sure the shadow priests love that. But the fact is, those stupid bastards taught me more about how to play as a Shadow Priest than any stupid battleground. I had to figure out how to get them dead before they would stun me out of my shadow spells.

See, I primarily use my shadow spec for running dailies. Lately I've had more opportunities to run heroics and some 10 man raids as shadow, because I have a few friends who want to try out healing. But I'm certainly no expert on it. I NEVER tried shadow until dual spec came out, and I figured I would give it a shot, since I have a slight addiction to dailies.

So, see, I never had a reason to use Psychic Horror, and I've been trained all too well during BC and Steamvaults to never ever ever use Psychic Scream.

But those little cobknobbers over near Dun Niffelem taught me everything I know about PvPing as a Shadow Priest (which, granted, still isn't much - but I have now defeated THREE PEOPLE in duels! Hurrah!!!! That's a big deal for me, shut it). I wouldn't even have Psychic Scream or Psychic Horror on my action bar if not for them.

So, I salute you, Brittle Revenants, for being such awful opponents, that Blizz decided you were just too much of a PitA for the people who hate dailies and hate grinding rep.

Much like most things that are difficult, you actually taught me how to play my class.
3 Responses
  1. Cassandri Says:

    Ummm, clue me in please!

    I always just made sure I dotted them up before they got to me so if I got locked out it would be a problem.

    But it's been a long time since I've done those dailies so I don't quite remember.

    Does Psychic Scream and Psychic Horror not get locked out too?


  2. Jessabelle Says:


    They DO get locked out - but I always used them a split second before the little bastards did their lock out tomfoolery. So I would DoT them up at range and as soon as they were close enough, either Psychic Scream them or Psychic Horror them, which gave me enough time to finish them off before they came back to their senses and tried to lock me out again.

    Those buggers are annoying though...

  3. Kurnak Says:

    Really I don't think they're so dangerous for casters. Lots of mobs out there slam/kick/silence/interrupt you and they're not getting nerfed. As you point out this helps you to understand better your class and how to play when you suffer a drawback. Ok, some classes have more resources (interrupted fire mage? no problem, use frostbolt or arcane missiles), but even shadowpriests can use holy attacks (I know, you get out of shadow form) if they get interrupted and need to down the mob fast. If not, just pw:shield and wand all the way until you can melt faces again.
    So why are they getting this nerf? What makes them so special aside of dropping the item needed for the "Hot and Cold" daily quest?

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