Ulduar is the New Naxx
Last night we didn't have enough people for 25 man, so our RL decided that we would do Ulduar on 10 man.

Gag me with a spoon. Ulduar is becoming the new Naxx, yo. I'm so sick of it, I'm so burnt out on it. I can't be the only one who feels this way... which is probably why we only had 10 folks around for our regular 25 man night.

Our RL valiantly tried to push us forward, tried to pump us up in his usual way. Instead, I felt I had been tricked. I signed up for a 25 man, with the hope that is that didn't work out, we could do 10 man Onyxia, to be honest. Hell I made the damn sign up, since no one else could be bothered. "After we clear Ulduar tonight," our RL said.


You know, I'm all about positive thinking. In general I've got a pretty cheery outlook on life. But you can't be serious. With half the people in the raid being new, or at least playing new roles, and having only ever seen up to Hodir on 25 man and wiping there repeatedly, you think we're going to do a full clear on even a 10 man Ulduar in three hours or less? Are you DELUSIONAL?

I felt I'd been coerced into going into 10 man Ulduar (in which I held absolutely no interest) and had no reasonable way to get out of it. I'm angry. The night was absolutely awful. No surprises here, but no, we did not full clear Ulduar. Yet again, we got hung up on Hodir (and we skipped Iron Council, Ignis, and Razorscale). The only good thing I can say about the whole night, is that I got a little more practice on Hodir. To be honest, I would have liked several more attempts on Hodir. How are we ever going to progress past this guy if we can't handle wiping to him over and over and over again? That's raiding. THAT'S progression.

After all, progression is all about wipe wipe wipe rinse repeat ZOMG loot. Oh and beer.

But after wiping to Hodir 3 or 4 times (not to mention the handful of wipes to his TRASH mind you), it was decided that we needed to feel better about ourselves, so hows about we go kill us some Razorscale!!! yeehaw!

We wiped to Razorscale too. Miserably.

After that I announced I was done for the evening. It was decided after wiping to Razorscale, that we should go do Onyxia 10, of course. But after the misery that had been the entire night, I didn't even want to bother. I spent 2 hours on Sunday wiping to Onyxia in a PuG, so I've had my fill for one week.

So, what is my point? If you were looking for something productive and positive in this post, I am sorry to disappoint.
  • I am completely sick of Ulduar. Last night just sealed it for me.
  • I do not like signing up for one thing, and then feeling obligated to stick around and do something else in which I have absolutely no interest.
  • I'm sick of doing the same bosses over and over, and never getting to see some new content. If anything, I would like to pummel Hodir into the frozen ground, even if it means that's all I do for 3 weeks. This whole "after wiping 3 times let's move to something else" is not working. I was only just starting to get my groove on last night and actually learn the damn fight.
And as a random hilarious sidenote, I have a Google search toolbar implemented in my firefox we browser. When you type in a search, it sticks around in the search box until you type in something else. Currently typed in my google searchbox?

"severus snape panties"

I will now leave you to ponder.

-brought to you by lack of coffee
4 Responses
  1. Fulguralis Says:

    I'm totally with you on the "want to wipe repeatedly" part. I, too, just want to see some new stuff. I mean, I'm not even getting gear upgrades any more. :-(

    Not that it's about that, but at least that can be sometimes used to justify... hey we still have upgrades we can get.

    Part of me thinks we should switch over to ToC and Ony. A lot of guilds have cleared those before clearing Yogg. I think the progression path is a bit more muddied than we'd like to admit.

  2. Sheep This Says:

    I will agree with you too Jess. I am freaking sick of Ulduar, but I clear ToC regularly. I don't want to move on to ToC because I do it already, I want to actually clear Ulduar. Is this only possible with a raiding guild? I don't know but I am getting really frustrated. I have been passed Hodir and downed Thorim in 10 man, and I don't get why we can't do it as a group. AAHHH!!!

  3. Jessabelle Says:


    Gear is a decent indicator of where you're at. What's funny is that most of our folks who've been going to the Ulduar 25 runs regularly are now overgeared for the stuff were doing.

    @Sheep This

    Execution and organization are simply a lot harder for the 25 man versions, as you and i both know ad nauseam. Maybe if we start extending Raid IDs it will get better. I don't know. I'm burnt out on it.

  4. Jasmine Says:

    I wish we were on the same server so I could at least come over and lan with you. Your posts crack me up and think how much fun we'd have! C'est la vie. At least I can come for a visit. I'm due for that by a long shot.

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