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I spent a lot of time yesterday finding new blogs and such to add to google reader, which I have only recently started using. One of the things I don't like about google reader is that you don't see the little wowhead mouseover links... and considering how much time and effort I put into linking everyone of those damn spells in my guides at least, that just irritates me - especially since I know a lot of the folks who follow my blog do it through google reader. :::shakes fist at internet:::


I know of quite a few very good priest blogs, of course, but I would like very much to go further than that. First off, I see a lot more Disc blogs than Holy, which is interesting, although that could be simply because my disc guide was so popular, that I just became connected to a lot more disc priests.

Priests and Pallies have a tight bond, sitting next to one another in that Cathedral in Stormwind and stuff, so I know a few good Holy Pally blogs too.

Holy Priests and Resto Druids understand one another, due to that whole spirit thing (Dear trees - we love your innervates, and I sure hope you love our Divine Spirit!), so yesterday I picked up a couple of tree blogs as well.

But where the hell are all the resto shammies?

I would love some recommendations for healer class specific blogs - not just big popular ones, but also smaller ones that are more likely to have time to banter back and forth with me. I want to start a little meme thing about the different healing classes, but I don't want to do it unless I know several healers who would be willing to post their responses.

Random thought of the day: Famous last words from a dog lover who meets my cat - "Oh look! She's wagging her tail at me! Here, kitty kitty ki-AHHHHH" News flash: A cat wagging its tail translates into pretty much the opposite of what a tail-wag from a dog means.
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  1. Sheep This Says:

    Hey Jess, I am officially a resto shammy now!! I have been thrown into healing all the heroics including heroic ToC on the day I turned 80, and got some ten man healing experience in Ulduar. I am telling you shaman healing is just more simple, I can see so many ways to discuss druid healing, but shaman healing? Well earth shield and chain heal. I will let you know more about it when I get more experience =)

  2. Zigi Says:

    1) You can get wowhead tooltips working in google reader if you use firefox:


    2) I just started my blog last week, and I mostly post about resto shaman stuff, but it's pretty new. I am hoping that my perspective as a former holy priest will be interesting to other classes as well. I actually was going to put together a post today on how to evaluate resto shaman stats. The other poster on my blog used to play a resto shammy at 70 and now plays a tank druid.

    I think the most prolific shaman poster these days is probably Healing Way (http://llyra.squarespace.com/) and World of Matticus has a regular shaman poster Lodur.

  3. Jessabelle Says:


    Well aren't you handy and helpful!!

    I am following your blog - I was hoping you would cover some resto shammy stuff, because of all the healing classes, I feel that is the class on which I am least informed. I'm really looking forward to reading what you have to say - particularly since, as far as healing classes go, Resto Shaman is about as opposite from holy priest as any other healing class can be.

    If I put together a little healing questionnaire type meme thingie would you be interested in participating in it? It will mostly be a series of questions, such as "What do you wish all other healers knew most about your class" or "What do you feel is your biggest strength in healing in a raid" and that sort of thing. Let me know if you're interested!


    you think all healing is easy! You said the same thing about resto druids :P

  4. Zigi Says:

    @jess That sounds fun! Count me in!

  5. Mister K Says:

    The resto shaman blogs I know

    Shields Up!
    Healing Way

    and thats all I can think of, they might know more though

  6. Ophelie Says:

    I actually don't know of any holy paladin blogs other than Siha's and she never updates. If there are some you can recommend, I'd love to read them. Almost all my bookmarked paladin blogs are on tanking, I have to resort to the paladin forums on Plus Heal for my fix.

    Sorry I can't help with finding shaman blogs. My shaman folder in my bookmark list is empty :(
    Using the Twisted Nether wiki, I found Tank2Heals (http://healsandtank.blogspot.com/) which is active and partially written by a resto shaman. I know Too Many Annas was once considered a resto shaman blog, but lately she's been focusing almost exclusively on role playing. Other than Shields Up and Healing Way, there are no other active blogs listed on the wiki.

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