I'm Just Not that Into You
Long before Blizzard actually implemented achievements, I had personal achievements I set for myself, such as having every recipe for my professions, or similar. So when achievements were finally added to the game, I was understandably very excited. I absolutely love them... usually.

One set of achievements I just can't get into? Holidays. I don't know exactly why this is... perhaps it's due to the fact that these are limited time engagements, and therefore "everybody's doing it" and the areas are crowded. Maybe it's because so many people do them that they just aren't very special to me.

Whatever the reasons and justifications are, I did very few holiday achievements last year, so I obviously did not finish off What a Long Strange Trip it's Been. I told myself I would do it this year for certain... but even with two weeks allotted for Brewfest, I just can't seem to get into it. Perhaps it's just more of the WoW malaise from which I've been suffering as of late, but I'm also not used to spending a large chunk of in game time at once working on an achievement. Normally I do them a little bit at a time. This isn't something you can really do with holiday achievements, however, as you are sort of on a time limit.

Actually, the only real reason I have any interest in doing the Holiday Achievements is due to the mount awarded at the end. And I DO like doing the mount achievements.

In other news, today is full of utter fail. I deem this day worthy of nothing more than many stab emoticons, and I blame it for my lack of any insight or interesting posting material. I'm sleepy, feel crappy, in trouble at work, and just generally depressed on multiple fronts.

I do, however, continue to get lots of enjoyment out of statcounter. Yesterday I noticed a giant spike in visitors to an old post about stupid loot drama, all coming from a protected forum post for a guild named Lose Your Life. I found this really amusing.
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