A Writer's Request
First and foremost, most bloggers are writers, and that holds true in the WoW blogging atmosphere as well. Some of us (such as myself) seem to spend more time writing guides than blogging our thoughts on various things, but regardless, we’re still writers. My guides are not pure theorycrafting, with math and formulae – I usually direct people to elitistjerks for that. Everything I write is infused with my own personality and my own personal writing style.

Therefore, it IS writing, and it is NOT courteous to copy it elsewhere without properly referencing it.

Imitation is one of the best forms of flattery, but if you copy a writer’s work and place it elsewhere without directing people back to the original writer, then we don’t get to hear the comments about it (which to a writer is like pure gold chocolate ponies in a pie) and that makes us sad pandas. Comments and feedback from readers is what sustains us and keeps us going – otherwise we would stop writing altogether, and give up. The truth is, if you copy the stuff I write, I know that it is a compliment to me that you liked it enough to repeat it, and I’m not actually angry. I

In the Academia world, plagiarism is a Very Big Deal. Out here on teh interwebs, it’s really not, and I don’t think most people even understand or recognize when they are doing something that might hurt the writer. Plagiarism is not always cut and dry, and instead is usually very fuzzy.

But basically, if you would like to repeat the words of someone else and print them out for others to read, please make sure you make it ABUNDANTLY CLEAR who the original writer is, and direct others to the source, and to a place they can contact the original writer. If they have comments or feedback on the writer’s words, direct them to the original writer to leave their comments – don’t take our bread and butter away from us, or we starve 

Luckily, I don’t ever want to see another Evony ad again, so I don’t put ads on this website, or use it in any way to make money. But I did invest a massive amount of time and effort into each of the guides I’ve written (30-40 hours on the Holy Healing Guide alone), and so it means a lot to me when people leave feedback on it. If feedback is left elsewhere, and I don’t know where to find it, I do kinda feel like someone stole my golden chocolate pony pie from me. 

Therefore, feel free to pass along and share any information or knowledge you gain from this blog/site. But please, please, please, make it very clear to others where you got the information, and encourage them to stop by and drop me a line if they liked it (or, you know, if they hated it and want to call me a noob). If you quote a large amount directly from my page or any of my guides, please put it in quotes, tell people Miss Medicina wrote it, and then link to the guide from which you quoted.
8 Responses
  1. Fulguralis Says:

    I thought it might be somewhat humorous if I completely copied this post and put it up on my sight... then put a huge neon sign that said BY MISS MEDICINA for emphasis. Would that help illustrate your point? It'd be kinda funny too.

    Then again, I'm an idiot.

  2. Jessabelle Says:


    I require that the neon sign blink. Also, it must have obnoxious animated gifs included as well.


  3. Christine Says:

    hi miss medicina thank you for dropping by blog yesterday, by the way you might want to check your email. Thanks again and i love your blog!!!! keep it up!

  4. Fido Says:

    Perfectly clear writing ^^ (Obviously not copied but straight from the mind)

  5. Shopshopshop Says:

    Have you thought about signing up for a creative commons license? This lets you reserve "some rights" on your blog, such as requiring people who quote from you or modify your work to cite your blog.

  6. Jessabelle Says:


    You know, it's funny you mention that... because another one of my friends mentioned that too. To be quite honest, i was trying to read up on it and the entire thing was just way over my head. If someone could explain it to me in dummy terms, and what I would need to put on the site, I would probably go for it!

  7. Shopshopshop Says:

    This thread on BlogAzeroth might be of help to you: http://blogazeroth.com/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=1645&hilit=creative+commons

  8. Jessabelle Says:


    THANK YOU! That is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for.

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