Aww! It's a mini-post!
You know how I mentioned previously that several of us raiders in my alliance have exchanged phone numbers? That way if something comes up we can contact one another?

Well, that only works if you answer the phone.

I checked my voicemail yesterday. For the first time in a month. And lo and behold, the Grand Master Raid Leader Poobah had left me a voice mail (2 weeks ago mind you) saying he wouldn't be able to make it to the raid that night. I was so confused when the message started, and figured it was a wrong number, because I didn't recognize his voice.

Good thing he left a long message, because after awhile I finally realized that not many wrong numbers would leave me a message talking about Thaddius.
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  1. Fulguralis Says:

    Lol. He called me too to let me know I needed to lead. Fuu ended up calling him back when I didn't answer my phone (I tend to screen calls).

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