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The best way to start a Sunday morning (err afternoon).

Ful may have stolen my thunder, but I can't really blame him. Not his fault I wake up at 2 in the afternoon. Last night, 11 members of our raiding alliance were responsible for our Very First takedown of the nasty smelly Malygos. I say 11 because we had one healer switch out with a dps near the end. That healer deserves just as much credit for helping us learn the fight, even though they left before Malygos fell.

In truth, it was likely due to even more than those 11 people. Over the past few months, random alliance members had occasionally been putting in a few half hearted attempts at 10 man EoE. I've even pugged it a couple of times, and was able to get as far as phase 3 before the rest of the puggers gave up. But this time we dug our heels in, and decided, with complete determination, that we were going to learn this fight even if it meant we would be running dailies for the next week to pay the repair bills. It took us about two and a half hours, but no one seemed to be losing any steam, no one was getting frustrated, everyone was in the right frame of mind to learn a new fight.

We started with three strong healers. Even though we knew it was unlikely we would be able to successfully complete this DPS race with three healers, I think this is probably the key to our success last night. We were able to stay alive long enough to gain increasing exposure to each phase. Since we were steadily progressing better and better through each phase, we were able to keep our spirits up.

After our healer switched out with a dps, it was only one or two wipes later before we had the most miraculous and by-the-skin-of-our-teeth victory. I had finally given up and dismantled Xperl, and during phase three, i decided to load up the Flame Spikes, and after every 5th spike use Life Burst.

As people continued to slowly drop when Malygos enraged, everyone was still excited. Heck, we had him down to a fraction of his health! We could finish him off next try! But amazingly enough... the DoTs kept going... and people were dying slowly enough that we were cheering each other on. One person remained - one of our mages. And she had been knocked off her drake, and was falling to the ground. SLOW FALL! Her slow descent to oblivion left just enough time for Malygos to finally take one last tick of damage and die, just before she died.

I have no idea what Alexstraza said, since everyone was cheering and laughing and screaming victory in vent.

What a way to die, no? Next time, though, we're bringing repair bots.
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