Miscellaneous Monday
I had a wonderful WoW-filled weekend, and the weekend alone gave me enough content to write about for the next week. However, I shall start with a few randomly awesome things.

1. I can haz moar achievements? I've listed some of my new ones from the weekend on the left. I'm not proud or anything. *puffs chest*

2. My favorite new awful joke from the trade channel: "I was going to tell you a joke about pizza, but it was too cheezy!!!" I assure you, my friends. The more it makes you groan in despair, the more this dwarf over here is bouncing up and down, guffawing in pure delight. Dear trade channel, you are teh awesome.

3. People like me should not be allowed to collect things. I think Blizzard is going to have some serious lawsuits on their hands once I end up in the loony bin. My OCD is just overwhelming me. Mounts, Pets, and Tabards oh my! If you are trying to collect any of the above, whether it be for achievements or anything else, there are a couple of really good websites. For an all-inclusive list and description of mounts, WarcraftMounts is really good. If you like having pets and haven't been to WarcraftPets, you need to get with it, snap snap! And finally, another website I discovered this weekend that is much simpler, but more effective in some ways, is WoWCollect - it shows a basic list of all the mounts, pets, and tabards, with checkboxes so you can figure out what you need for different achievements. I spent the greater part of yesterday afternoon assembling a pretty sweet spreadsheet with mount info. I'm going to add pet and tabard info, methinks, and pretty it up before I post it here. You know you want it.

4. Looks like me and Whitey will be spending less time in the 'Rend, and more time in the Outlands, grinding up rep with factions I ignored before, because I readily admit to being an achievement whore. I never got around to getting my Netherwing mount in BC, mainly because I couldn't be bothered to get a group together for the opening quest, Zuluhad the Whacked. It will likely be even more of a pain to get a group now, but I want me those 6 mounts.
5 Responses
  1. Fulguralis Says:

    We did get some good achievements this weekend, didn't we?

    You could probably convince Fuu and I to go mount/achievement hunting as well...

  2. Fuubaar Says:

    Oh dear...

    Say the word & I can pretty much Solo anything out there for you :D

    Plus, I would like to start working on my Mount Achivements as well. I still have two more factions to exalt ( I know.. I know.... lazy) and scoop up their mounts as well. Once you Post that spreadsheet, We can make a game plan :)

  3. Jessabelle Says:

    I didn't post some of the achievements I got either - including several new mounts I purchased!

    I really want to get the Glory of the Hero achievement - it requires doing a LOT of heroics though. I normally despise them, but the achievement comes with a mount, soo...

    Fuu, which BC and Wrath factions are you not exalted with?

  4. Fuubaar Says:

    BC... almost everything.

    I was mainly talking about the Major factions lol

    I still need Exador & Gnomer.

  5. D Says:

    thats right Fuu BC is everything lol!

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