Flame Warden Achievements
If you are working on your flame warden achievements, some news from Bornakk again:

"We are in the process of applying an in-game fix that will restart all of the quests associated with the Midsummer Fire Festival event and allow players to complete them once again. If you are in the process of completing an achievement such as Extinguishing Kalimdor, this fix will reset your progress and you will need start over. This fix will require realms to be restarted."

The point of this, I believe, was that many who had already done a lot of the quest components last year were not able to get enough burning blossoms to purchase the items needed for the achievements to get the title this year.

I have interpreted this to mean that any achievements earned will remain, while those that were merely in progress will be reset. Essentially, I believe, you will be able to get the same achievement twice.

Of course, for people such as myself, who had been slowly working through the achievements for Midsummer, I am now spending my morning dailies time scrambling to finish some of them off before they get reset during maintenance window.

Here's hoping that not too many others who spent the weekend working on their achievements will be in the same scenario as I am!
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  1. Fuubaar the Fire god Says:

    I wish they could have just reset the ones that were already done last year only. I frantically did all of the Old World stuff with Thor & the Gang on Sunday. (btw was an absolute blasty)

    The only ones that I haven't finished was the outlands ones (just had 2 left in the north). If those reset, that should make up for the ones that I would miss out on.

    My goal is to get the outfit (400 blossoms) & the pet (350 blossoms)

    I somehow have to aquire 750... why am I at work again?

  2. Jessabelle Says:

    @ Fuu

    Yup, that's my same goal. I have around 300 right now, and thats from doing all of Outlands and Eastern Kingdoms, desecrate and lighting. So what I think will happen is that you will keep the achievement, but be able to do it over again to get more fire blossoms, which is good, because i need lots more!

    You're at work for the same reason I am - Society doesn't appreciate our REAL skillz!

  3. Fuubaar Says:


    I have found my ultimate drinking for wow site!

    I'm going to mix these & tell you how they are. I'll fid the right ones for the proper raiding occasion.

    here's the link:

    Much Love,



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