I'm not Blind! I can see! It's a miracle!
Did you know that if you work as a Stereo Compiler for more than a year, you will burn out your eye sockets? Maybe it has something to do with staring a computer screen with 3d imagery with 3d dark glasses on in a pitch black room trying to find little tiny things in the imagery. Dunno.

Anyway, I've had a couple of people kindly mention that it is a bit difficult to read my blog due to the template. I have a really hard time viewing light colored backgrounds (which is the real reason I don't use MMO-Champion much and prefer WoWInsider) because it hurts my eyes.

But i like you folks more than I like my eyes, so hopefully this template is easier to see. I'm not impressed with Blogger's HTML customization options, and I never have been. So I guess this will do until I figure out how to hack the system (just kidding! just kidding!!!! /cower).
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    THANK YOU! Much easier on the eyes.

    Looking at anything in stero makes your brain go funny. Everything is starting to make sense now ... ;-)

  2. Jessabelle Says:


    You forgot gobble gobble!!!!

  3. Fido Says:

    Haha ^^ Thanks a lot for your Sacrifice.

    It does make me wonder. How do you type these blogs without a white background?

    I like the new looks though, it looks.. happier ;)


  4. Jessabelle Says:


    I turn the brightness on my screen to the lowest possible setting (without turning the screen off), type everything in MSWord, and then open Blogger and copy and paste the post (squinting and screeching AHHH! MY EYESSSS! the whole time) and then add any necessary links.

    Totally efficient, IMO.

    Glad you like the new look though, lol. I have a friend who is trying to help me change the colors on the site and make it pretty, oh so pretty.

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  6. Dan Hughes Says:

    Yes, much easier to read. I came here the first time a couple of days ago and was like AHHHH!

    Then I came back and it looked like this. Honestly I thought my computer screwed up the first time til I saw this post.

    Good look.


  7. Jessabelle Says:


    I lol'd

    I'm glad you like it - this is how the blog originally looked when I first started it. I have to do some tweaking however. I don't like the width :(


  8. Dan Hughes Says:

    I offer my assistance, if needed. I'm not an HTML junkie, but I've been working with it and CSS while administering the websites I run now.

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