Update to Disc Guide
Quickie post before I head out to my interview. There was a really great comment left on my Intro to Disc healing guide with some suggested improvements, so I have updated the guide.

If you have come here looking for some (hopefully!) helpful healing guides, they are listed to the right under Miss Medicina's Guides. I might start making it a weekly thing... until I run out of ways to boss you folks around. I have debated on and off about making a Holy Priest starter guide, because there haven't seemed to be a whole lot of requests for that, but I may do it anyway.

Oh bother, I have to go sell myself. Too bad I can't put "Writes many TLDR guides with lots of detailed information about healing in World of Warcraft" on my resume.
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2 Responses
  1. Frankling Says:

    WTB "L2Pally Heal" post. Because I don't know how. =(

  2. Fuubaar Says:

    Spam flash of Light & you win!

    Oh if you want, throw in a Sacred shield then FoL.

    There's your guide :)

    Any questions?

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