Priests are HARDCORE
Ever since I started writing my Lolsmite priest leveling guide, I had been thinking about leveling up a new priest just for fun, and to give my leveling guide a try myself.

Having never leveled an undead horde toon very far, I thought I would give it a try. There are lots of different pieces of lore that I will never get to experience if I don’t try out the horde, and I keep thinking about the Wrathgate quest chain, as well as Lady Sylvanas.

Wow. I knew, and remembered, that leveling a priest is hard, but I don’t think I recollected just HOW hard it is.

Everyone seems to think their favorite class is the hardest to level. I do relatively well leveling a priest, because let’s face it, I have a high level priest, I understand most of the mechanics of … well Priesting. But I can’t deny that even with all that, I still believe Priests are the most difficult class to level, with the possible exception of mages. My fiancĂ© leveled a mage, and he always says “well at least Priests can heal themselves!” but this isn’t exactly true – you never have enough mana at very early levels to even heal yourself during combat.

I will say that doing it all over again has given me a lot more food for thought regarding my leveling guide, so I’m going to add another post today with some tips for the very early Priest levels (0-20).  For those of you who are following the Lolsmite guide, I’m doing it with you, so I’ll make adjustments as needed, in case I remembered things wrong, or gain a little more insight!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Leveling a a second priest lolsmite, now thats hardcore ;-)

  2. Jessabelle Says:


    I cannot point others forth to Priestly pain without subjecting myself to it at the same time. This way I can say "I feel ya'! No really... I do."

  3. Fido Says:

    I leveled a new priest as well. It's @ lvl 76 now, so I'm almost there.

    (Got a lvl 80 NE disc priest.. but my friends decided to play horde.. GAH :P lvling a BE priest now)

    I lvled in Discipline spec till lvl 70. After that I was getting bored of casting Holy Fire, Smite, Mind Blast Dotting and Wanding mobs to death while watching TV. I got Dualspec and it's all good now.^^

    I wish you the best on lvling your lolsmite spec. Oh and just on a sidenote. I tried a LoLsmite spec on my lvl 80 and tested it on a Combat dummy. Results -->Here<--


  4. Anonymous Says:

    Mages can't heal themselves (unless their herbalists now) but at least they can run away. Priests are more like warriors in my opinion... you either win or you die.

    And I've got an 80 mage. it's a cake walk being able to kill anything kitable by simply walking backwards hitting cone of cold every 8 seconds. Tell me how that's hard ;)


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