Where it all began

Do you remember when you first found yourself interested in RPGs? Very few of us actually began with World of Warcraft. After all, WoW has only been around for five years, and who knows where it will be in another five?

I was never a video game person. I still am not quite sure how to turn on the xbox. There are all these colorful buttons and I feel slightly close to a seizure wathing my fiancĂ© play Guitar Hero. It’s all a bit confusing to me, thank you very much, and I rarely find myself impressed. I need real plot, and video games have always struck me as shallow entertainment, even though I know that’s really not true in many cases.

I, however, began my gaming career at the tender age of seven years old. Twenty years ago… that makes me feel old! It began with simulation games. You know. SimCity. SimAnts (seriously? Yes.). Civilization (the FIRST one).

And then I progressed into RPGs, and fell completely in love. Hero’s Quest (or Quest for Glory) I, II, III, IV, and finally V. King’s Quest. Space Quest. Leisure Suit Larry. I loved those old Sierra games so much that I continued to play them up until about 3 years ago when I finally started playing WoW. I was skeptical and certainly not impressed by flashy realistic graphics. AGI is just fine, thankyouverymuch.

Quest for Glory turned me on to the idea of Paladins – it was truly an epic thing in QfG because you had to beat two games and import your character, and all these things that were always too complicated for me to figure out how to do when I was a kid. Therefore, the first class I rolled in WoW was my pally, Elimeny.

What got YOU started in the world of RPGaming? Was it D&D? Video games? Computer games? Or were you a complete gaming n00b, and dragged in by your friends?

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  1. Fuubaar Says:

    owwww owww!

    I'm excited!

    I think I'm going to get Ful & I to do a dual post about this.

    Thanks for the stater ;)

  2. Fuubaar Says:

    PS: The pants make me laugh!

    the first one reminds me of Robin Hoods Merry Men

    "We're men, we're men in tights
    TIGHTS tights"

  3. Fulguralis Says:

    So like when Fuu says she's going to post, she means she's going to get excited and then promptly forget why she was excited.

    The short version is SHE introduced ME to MMOs with Final Fantasy. I'd been a pretty avid gamer before that with FPS, action-adventure games, and RPGs. I was/am a huge Zelda fanboy. Who didn't have a crush on Zelda in Ocarina of Time? Amirite? *Crickets*

  4. Jessabelle Says:


    My exposure to Zelda is limited to the Nintendo game... the very first one, way back on the old console. And I would still love to have a working original nintendo console solely for the purpose of playing that awesome game. mm.

    i should start a meme!

  5. Fuubaar Says:


    Yeah, I sorta forgot about this.

    The short version for me is I started playing computer games from my elementary school library

    (SimAnt, Animal Saffari, Magic School bus (yeah it had a game))

    Then the reg nintendo with duck hunt, Paperboy, Punchout, Super Mario, The Lion King. I also had the Game genie with the cheat codes on it. It was fabulous to beat every game & do neat things with it.

    Then I found my addiction: Final Fantasy IIX. It took about 6 months to beat then I would replay it every summer. FFIX was ok and I played that once or twice but anything after that X, X-2 were just full of suck!

    I was so turned off by where X-2 went that I was nervous abut trying the online game FFXI. Then I met some great people in college & I started playing FFXI and played that for about two years.

    Got really burned out of the FFXI grind then tried out a few games (Guild Wars, for a couple of weeks and didn't really click.

    "Hey, lets try WoW" He says
    "You'll love it" He says

    Now, I'm addicted to wow crack.

    I am curently in the beta testing for Aion and I'm really liking that as well :)

    PS: this is really the short version. I have many more dark secrets.

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