Blue Post of the Day
Apparently today is the day of "of the Day"s.

This is actually from yesterday, but this forum post was pretty funny. Since you may not be able to hit up the forums from work, I'll C&P.

Please Remove the World!

Seriously, everybody just afk queues in Dalaran all day long to get teleported to their instances or else join raids to get teleported too, so please let us uninstall everything in the game but that town once we reach level 80, and add an auction house in it.

And you also could give the option to never install the rest of the game at all and just install Dalaran and instances on our hard drive from the start! You can level from level 15 to 80 with random instances anyway!

That would be a great save of disk space! There is no World PvP and no World PVE to do anyway, just solo daily quests that are, I think we all agree, completely dull and boring.

Why did you create a World blizzard? We don't need it! Please let us save disk space!


What made this really great was Zarhym's response.

"Is Monday when a bunch of aspiring Jonathan Swifts hit the World of Warcraft forums? "
3 Responses
  1. Tam Says:

    Good heavens, that proposal is postively modest...

  2. Gronthe Says:

    The solution is not to take away the world, but to simple consume all the baby murlocs or orphans of Stormwind. Do you know how much memory it takes when they gurgle?

    With just the right spices Azeroth could fit nicely on our hard-drives.

  3. bhorg Says:

    That must be the first Jonathan Swift reference on the forums

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