Moar Love for DPS
What's up with all the dramaness in the past few days?!

Here at the Miss Medicina hippie-healer commune, we're all about hugging and spreading a positive message. No matter how much people may dislike my spread-the-love-not-the-hate attitude in my personal life, I refuse to back down.

So I think it's time to spread a little love to the DPSers.

This priest does not think your job is easy. As everyone who has been reading this blog for any length of time knows, when I DPS, the only thing that dies is me. All you need to do is click that little "Stories of Fail" tag on the right hand side, and you'll see what I mean.

I stand in the fire just as much as you do. Probably more. True story. Coldflame kicked my ass three times Thursday night. The difference is that I can heal myself, hopefully before anyone else notices my stupidity.

I really did try to explain how the Lady Deathwhisper fight worked to my babyICC10 raid, but it wasn't until the DPSers decided to figure it out on their own and give me something shiny to look at to distract me that we were finally successful in taking the LadyLich down.

I can't give you a hard time for not using Lightwell. Because I always forget to use my healthstone.

IMO, you guys make much better leaders. I appreciate the fact that you are willing to let your DPS slack a little bit in order to direct the rest of us so that things actually get done properly. When I try to lead while healing, I end up barking at a lot of people, and get downright grouchy.

I don't really mind if you screw up here and there and take some avoidable damage. Even if you know the fights, such as in heroics, it keeps me from getting too bored staring at the wall. In a raid, when we're learning new fights, I understand that you and I are still learning.

If no one ever screwed up, this game would be really damn boring.

I understand that sometimes you get aggro, despite trying really hard not to. This is especially true for you Shadow Priests and Locks. I know that DoTs can be tricky to manage at times. It's cool, I got your back.

Thanks Mages, for everytime you've seen something coming at me, and sacrificed your super squishy self for me. Thanks for your arcane thingie that increases my crit. Thanks for the strudel. And most of all, thanks for the Intellect buff.

Locks, thanks for the summoning stone. Oh and the healthstone I never use. Most of all - thanks for the soul stone.

Hey death knights and pallies - thanks for yanking that mob off of me, even when you *aren't* tanking.

I could go on, but you get the point.

Ya'll can have the new gear. If it's a stamina increase for you, please take it. You having more stamina makes my job easier just as much as if I had better gear myself.
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  1. Fuubaar Says:

    Yeah, I've been seeing the hatin on the DPS as of late. Not sure why this was sprung on the community but I really find it a little offensive. I dont even play DPS all that much but when I do, my job as a DPS is just as important as the tanks or the healers. The faster I burn stuff down, the faster we can find ourselves victorious. Do you think the Lady Deathwhisper fight is even remotely imaginable without the intensity of our Casters & melee to do their jobs?

    I love all of my classes. It wouldn't be the Holy Trinity without them :) Even if they get to spam the DPS meters more.

    Three Cheers for the UBER DEEPS!

  2. Jasyla Says:

    Well said. All the DPS hate is unprovoked and undeserved.

    But I have to say, I've never had a mage sacrifice themselves for me. I have, however, had a mage stand beside me, pull aggro and then Iceblock. Where are these altruistic mages you speak of?

  3. @Jas

    I've had a mage run up to me and the mob I'm wearing, do some fancy blastymage stuff, get aggro, run over to the consecrate/D&D and then iceblock XD

  4. Breevok Says:

    This made me smile.

    Unfortunately the DPS hatred is increasing - LFG has a lot to answer for :(

    Boot a DPS and another arrives instantly - even heals are relatively readily available - just tha tanks who hold sway these days it seems.

    Its nice to see some DPS love - you might start a trend if you aren't careful

  5. Sprink Says:

    Thank you for the DPS love. As one of those mages that will kamikaze to save the healer, we love you guys. I'm beginning to wonder if it's a mage thing, though. The sacrificing yourself for the good of the healer? ^_^

  6. Ophelie Says:

    I like to laugh at dps. A lot. But I do with LOVE and AFFECTION.

    Then they laugh at me and I hope they do with equal love and affection.

  7. Evang Says:

    Do Shadow Priests really do that?
    Good timing with your blog and Fuu s. I dont seem to have trouble with the DPSers in LFGs and always kid the heck out them in my own groups because they do save me more than I save them some times and dont want them to forget me. I seem to have the oppisite issues, tanks telling me that healers are suppose to keep the tank alive... well duh, sure I intently let you die so we could wipe and run back to the farthest part of the instance. Bring on those DPS ers that can burn down the mobs before i have to spam heal the whole buch, please.

  8. Cayleb Says:

    I thought I was the only one who forgot to use his soulstone... Ah well.

  9. Kayllnn Says:

    Best way for a mage to save a healer in AOE mobs, is to run over frost nova and pray the healer noticed and moves a few steps away. Thanks for the love to dps Jess =)

  10. Fido Says:

    Ah yeh. Always stay friends with your dps. To be honest, as it is now you'll be able to clear every heroic with just a healer and a tank. (oculus might be tricky though)
    It's just a fact that the DPS makes it sooo much faster! And more fun too. Tanks barely need healing in heroics. As fun as DPSsing in discipline spec is, it -will- get a bit boring in the end.

    Good bit of writing :)

  11. *vlad* Says:

    Ok, imagine a difficult fight. As a tank and healer, would you rather see it over in 5 minutes, or dragging on to 7 minutes? What about those soft enrages when your whole healing bar is telling you half the raid is about to die, and you don't have time to keep them all up?
    Knowing that people are dying, but the dps are kicking the boss hard in the face gives you a good feeling; knowing people are dying, and the dps isn't good enough and you are inevitably going to wipe, is a bad bad feeling.

    Without your dps, you are nothing.
    Without your tanks, you are nothing. Without your healers, you are nothing. Accept it.

  12. Leah Says:

    tldr version. a few made a bad name for the rest.

    I think the dps hate comes from the way I've seen dps act most recently, at least in 5 mans. my main is a dps, elemental shaman. but being and altoholic with a mild case of ADD, I play all 3 roles. and I gotta tell you, maybe its the resentment at faster queues, maybe its becasue they feel like they have strength in numbers being outnumbering tank/healer 3 to 2, i don't know but more and more I'm running into dpsers that act like, (pardon the language) complete and utter dickish assholes.

    I love good dps. and by that I don't mean dpser that destroy recount and to hell with everything else. I mean the kind of dps that understands that they are part of the team, like that mage you described that pull the mob off you, brought it back to the tank and iceblocked. I love rogues that use tricks and I adore hunters that use misdirect, I' ma huge fan of pallies that repentance that stay mob that i cannot seem to grab and DK's who do not pull army of the dead on dragon bosses but do use DG to yang a stray mob to my, while my own is on CD. etc.

    Bad dps, the kind that's in their own chasing the meters world, the kind that thinks that the only thing that matters is how leet their recount numbers are and to hell with the rest of the group, that kind that bounces impatiently and starts pulling more trash while I'm waiting on a CD, or for a healer to finish drinking or trying to loot, the kind that facepulls, links meters on every pull and then insults those who did less damage then them, blames the healer for not keeping them up when they pull aggro and/or stand in bad stuff, blames the tank for aggro issues when they don't give the tank even half a second to hit the damn mob and I can go on, and on, and on...

    /deep breath.

    the problem is - there is a ton of dpsers out there. and each group has 3 of them. so when they act badly, even if total percentage of annoying dpsers is smaller compared to that of tanks or healers, the actual number is much higher. so you remember it better. and eventually? you cannot help it but hate them all for actions of the few. becasue chances are, you'll be getting at least one of those in your group Add to that the cross server anonymity and less of a need to behave and you have more people giving in to their inner bully. (1 in 3annoying tanks for example means out of 3 groups,one might be bad, but one in 3 annoying dps can mean one douche in every group you get. see where I'm going with it?)

    At this point, I'm giving up on farming frost badges, no gear in the world is worth the aggravation. unless there's a guild group forming up, I'd rather skip the random all together, then risk ending up logging out in rage and contemplating canceling my WoW acocunt all together.

  13. @Leah

    Ahh, yes. I have heard of these deeps of whom you speak. These are, of course, the same ones that deliberately ignore you when you say, repeatedly, NOT to DPS when you've got the mark in PoS and FoS?

    And I think you also bring up an especially good point - it has a lot to do with numbers and perception.

    Here's hoping you don't quit WoW due to bad pugs. I always say, if it's not fun, don't do it when it comes to this game. After all... it's a damn GAME, right?

  14. G-Rebel Says:

    And thanks to the Shaman, who increases crit chance, agilty, strength, spellpower, attack and cast speed, absorbs an occaisional shadowbolt at not cost to anyone but your totem; thanks for the resistance to frost, fire, and nature damage, Heroism/Bloodlust (oh yeah), for cleansing, mana, health and a bunch of other stuff. (I'm not mentioning the little pets because they sometimes are a little too eager to defend...sorry).

    I'm a Shaman, can you tell?

    All DPS classes bring wonderful utility to a group. In truth all in a group are equally important and the loss of any one means failure. DPS love, I like it!

  15. Anonymous Says:

    I think the hating is aflying at the moment.

    Tanks that can't tank...
    Healz that can't heal...
    DPS that can't even /follow

    When we pull out the ol' bell curve, we discover there are a small extreme group at each end.

    Unfortunately, as in RL (err.. Official forums), they are as vocal in the virtual world.

    I was a little angry with a mate the other day for kicking a DPS... mind you the DPS was an arsehole from the moment he zoned in...

    It wasn't so much that he kicked the arsehole where the sun doesn't shine, but his accompanying comment...

    "DPS are dime a dozen"

    Now I know this was just to get at the Lock... as we both have DPS... but unfortunately the attitude is becoming all pevasive

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