Know Your Blues!

I absolutely loved reading Larisa’s “List of 2009” posts. My favorite, of course, was the section on the community.

But there was something that made me so very sad.

The largest response to “Most Charming Blizzard Employee”? Ghostcrawler.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I rather like Greg Street. I personally think he does a pretty good job, and I’m a fan. I have nothing against the guy. But I strongly suspect that the main reason so many people voted for Ghostcrawler is not actually because he is so charming, but rather because he is just so well known. I think a lot of people voted for him because they didn’t really know of anyone else to vote for. I would venture to say that a lot of us bloggers actually spend most of our time reading blogs and NOT the forums. This isn’t a criticism, mind you. We can’t all be as supah-fly as Megan, yo.

But most of us immerse ourselves in the blogging community because we simply love the concept of community. Ahmahgah we’re infested with socials.

So really, if you say you A) Love WoW and B) Love the concept of community, then I personally think it’s important you be informed who our Community Managers are.

Here’s your public service. I’m beginning a new series called Know Your Blues to introduce you to the best of the blue, and tell you why. I mean, maybe you already know that I follow Bornakk around like a little lost puppy dog drooling in Orc-stasy, but truly, there are other awesome Blues.

This post is a bit of a placeholder. I intend to keep a little table of contents here with links to my future Know Your Blues posts, and to provide something I can link to that will give a bit of background info regarding the series.

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