A Little Give, A Little Take
After struggling with Saurfang for a couple of weeks, last night we extended our raid ID so that we could get some really solid attempts on him. One bad start (which totally doesn't count btw) and wipe, and then on the second try, we took him down.

With no marks.

/flex Disc muscles

And what did the lovely Deathbringer leave for us in his cache?

Mag'hari Chieftain's Staff.

However, despite how much I drooled all over this staff in my attempt to claim it, I was outrolled by our resident Arcane Mage. I pouted a little bit to myself, but I wasn't too upset. An upgrade for someone in the raid is an upgrade for the whole raid, and the haste and spirit are pretty yummy for Arcane Mages. You could probably even argue that an Arcane Mage will appreciate the Spirit more than a Disc Priest.

Although, maybe I was feeling a little bitter and passive aggressive, because not long after that I told all the meat in the room to hurry the hell up and get their butts up to Stinky.

A few minutes later, MissMagey whispers me and says she's going to hand the staff over to me, because it's not as much of an upgrade as she thought. For as much as I didn't get too upset that I lost the roll, I sure got excited that she was giving an item over to me that she won fair and square. So I ground the entire raid to a halt (ah, the power of being a raid leader) while she traded it to me.

After we put in 5 attempts on Festergut before calling it a night, I popped open Rawr and drooled some more over my fab-staff. After adjusting some filters, Rawr announced to me in no uncertain terms that I was wielding my personal BiS weapon. I imagine there may still be some superior main hand + off-hand combos, but I don't yet know how to work that out via Rawr. My glee is indescribable.

Do you believe in loot karma?

Last week a very nice weapon dropped from the ship fight for which all three healers rolled. The Famous Third Healer was not actually healing for this run since we were able to two heal everything, but it was still a solid upgrade for his DPS set. He had, however, already won something, so the roll really came down between me and my Druid fiance. The Druid rolled the highest but then hemmed and hawed. I couldn't care less - Saurfang was before us and I was plotting our attack.

"This would be a really nice upgrade for Third Healer... I mean, this weapon combined with that off-hand he won earlier would make this a great night for him, loot wise." Says Druid.

"Okay, sure whatever." Say I, whilst fish feasting and checking everyone's buffs.

"But if I pass, then it goes to you." my fiance notes.

"I don't really care. I pass too. Just give it to Third Healer." Hmm, crit food or spellpower food for this fight?

Now I'm just ignoring fiance, because seriously, he keeps talking, and I'm really trying to focus here on what's actually important... a super awesome fight for Disc priests. No, I'm not paying attention to raid chat... I'M STEELING MYSELF FOR STRONGER BUBBLES.

Then I get a tell from Fulguralis. "Uhm, what's the deal with that loot? Why is Third Healer getting it?" Then I read the screen. In guild chat, Third Healer is expressing his slight discomfort at Druid and I bypassing loot for him. Druid has announced in raid chat that the item is going to Third Healer. People seem confused that Druid is passing the item, and instead of it going to me, it's going to Third Healer.

I seriously need to learn to stop making vital decisions with the Druid sitting next to me IRL without communicating it to the other people in the raid.


Our Third Healer is not a man of many words, so when he does speak, everyone listens. And his excitement and pleasure is evident in guild chat, and I feel all warm and fuzzy for a moment, before telling him to just shut up about it, take his purples, and let's slaughter Saurfang. Seriously people! It's just loot!!

But when my Dwarven fingers caressed the fine wood carving of my new Mag'hari Chieftain's Staff, it didn't feel like just loot. Softly it whispered to me "Best in slot J-Bizzle! You've never had a best in slot in your entire raiding career...". BTW to all of you who want to tell me it's not BiS, just go away and let me have my dream.

I don't know if I would have appreciated Mag'hari Chieftain's Staff nearly as much if I had won the roll. Sometimes, the purple is a little shinier when someone else had it first -  and then willingly and happily hands it over to you.

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15 Responses
  1. Kaethir Says:

    gratz on the saurfang kill!

  2. Keredria Says:

    Grats! I won my staff the same way, lost to a lock who could have also used the spirit and haste, but who ended up passing it to me. And yes, I love mah staff!

    Oh and you disc priests ROCK MY WORLD at Saurfang.

  3. Havoca Says:

    It is karma, kind of.

    Third healer gave me nice held-in-off hand from Lady Deathwhisper and I also had the Frost Needle from Lord Marrowgar...so it didn't feel right as I already had two higher item levels equipped...

    And the non-karma part: Although the haste and spirit were mighty tempting, having two nice purplies equipped outweigh the one two-hand DPS wise -- and I need every bit I can to down Festergut.

  4. @Havoca

    MissMagey! What are you doing here! I didn't know you read this crap. Now I totally can't bash you behind your back. My future blogging career is ruined.


    I can't even keep track of how many items we've now kinda swapped back and forth amongst ourselves. Must ponder this with many deep thoughts.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Grats on the kill Jess! that staff is pretty. I had it for weeks now too. I am aiming for the Trauma mace drop from Rotface lolx

  6. Orangeslice Says:

    Grats on the Saurfang kill with no mark!!!

    Grats on the staff a very nice piece of lootz..i love mine!!

  7. Havoca Says:

    I read a bit of everything :)

    Note: I'm still looking for the perfect mage blog that portrays my esoteric sorceress appropriately. Know of one?

  8. @Havoca

    Have I got the blog for you.


  9. bhorg Says:

    I think that this is not really karma. It is simply surrounding yourself with friends and people who feel like you, and me, that the best upgrade for the team is typically a good idea. Everybody being generous is not really karma. . . it's BETTER!

  10. Nymarie Says:

    Gratz on the Saurfang kill love! Your disc priest bubbles was all you need. :)
    And that staff is gorgeous imo!

  11. Kurnak Says:

    Gratz on the kill and the staff. Saurfang is a good milestone int he ICC run. Now things will get much, much worse as he says (at least when speaking to Alliance). Festergut is a nightmare for healers when the tank starts getting those big slaps. From over 45k to 5k in a blink. And you start going omgomgomghesgoingtodieshitshit!! We're still at him (tried Rotface too, but Festergut is easier from the tactic pov (these untauntable slimes and their aggro table are a pain and need good coordination so they merge into a big one), but surely you'll love the fights.
    If you have a good and friendly raid group, even losing a roll on some ├╝ber time isn't that bad, since as you say your loss is somebody's else gain but overall is a common gain. And raiding is more about team playing than individual performance.

  12. Kayllnn Says:

    Gratz on the staff Jess. I have that on my mage, and I would have felt very guilty rolling against a healer, but since we run with a shaman and pally I won with no regrets. It is awesome! Gratz on the kill too!

  13. Tam Says:

    Congratulations on the staff, the kill and your immensely generous guild! But is the staff on fire, eh 'cos if it ain't on fire, it ain't BiS. ;)

  14. Fuubaar Says:

    I'm still waiting on my tanking Karma...

    It's hard to have it when nothing "Tanky" has dropped yet. I wonder if I pass on Healer loot, tank loot will come?


    @ Tam

    She could get the Fiery Enchant. Does that count?

  15. Tiex Says:

    Hey there!

    Grats on your kill with no marks! =D

    Feels really good, huh? A sensation that everyone is doing it right.

    Wow, you run with some really rare people. It's hard to find people that will pass along loot because it might be a little upgrade for them, but it's also a HUGE upgrade for someone else...

    I can't believe I'm saying this, but I checked your post about the gems, looked around wow armory to check some disc priests and, well... I'm thinking about changing my gem choices. I guess a socket bonus here and there won't hurt anyone, if the stats are properly chosen.

    Oh, and grats for the staff, by the way ;)

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