Calling all Resto Shammies
Seriously. I know you're out there.

Go apply for the columnist position. I'm quite sure they get tons of apps for the other positions... but the fact that they are struggling to find a Resto Shammy columnist speaks volumes.

I vote Vixsin!

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5 Responses
  1. Gronthe Says:

    My vote would swing Vixsin's way too.

    I'd do it but I'm too stupid of a Resto Shammy to make any sense or provide any sort of useful information.

  2. Saunder Says:

    True Jess, but they have more troubles than just Shammy's - I mean, really, the ROGUE columnist as a Holy Pally one too? Come on, you can't be serious!

  3. Eversor Says:

    @ Gronthe,
    I was going too say the same thing. Love my resto shammy but that would be like the blind leading the blind...

  4. Vixsin Says:

    Awuh. If I never received another compliment on my work, I'd still die a happy shaman.

    Thanks for the vote of confidence (from everyone); it means a great deal.

    /warm fuzzies

  5. Anonymous Says:

    @ Vixsin:

    Means you're in? :D But seriously Vix, go do it. Finally someone capable of proper breakdowns and analysis with good writing style would be on (at least for Shamans)

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