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While I am grateful for you linking to my Oculus post, next time give me a heads up so I can fix the spelling BEFORE all the commenters rush over to tell me I should have dropped out of high school.


Miss Medicina


So I think this will be my last post concerning Oculus, but there was just so much feedback, that I felt it warranted some response. When you wake up from a nap to find 40 new comments on a day old post, it can be tricky to keep up.

My post was about the development and design problems in Oculus. Not really the problem about the people running it. Let me preface this by stating that I have never dropped a PuG group as soon as I landed in Oculus. I actually don’t grind heroics, and the one time I did get Oculus… well I already related that story to you. Sorry, commenter who said that my fail level was obviously so high that I ought to unpublish my blog.
Point #1: It is actually very rude to queue up for a group, and then drop the moment you see what it is. Miss Medicina is all about being courteous.

Point #2: HOWEVER, it seems to me that there are a lot of people who drop group and leave because they really struggle with Oculus. Reading all the vitriol spewed forth by those who don’t see what the problem is makes me completely understand why someone wouldn’t want to stick around to slow down another person’s heroic run and be called (reading back to some of the names I was called…) an asshole, lazy, noob, lazy ass, stupid, L2P, directionally challenged (okay that one is totally true), coward, and so forth.

Why do I want to stick around in a PuG and learn an instance if I know that I am making the people who already know it miserable, and that they will, in turn, make me miserable by being so completely rude to me?

There are also quite a few people who commented and said that they happily explain the fight to newcomers, and are patient and helpful. I applaud you folks, I really do. Unfortunately, when you land on that first walk, you don’t know which type of player will be in your group. If you are already feeling self-conscious about your ability to run that instance, and have it ingrained in your head that people will rip you apart if you struggle with it, there's not a lot of incentive to stay. All of you nice helpful people need macros that you can spam as soon as Oculus finishes loading IMO.

Point #3: I think we sometimes lose perspective. World of Warcraft is a GAME. That means it is supposed to be fun. You know what I don’t find fun? PvP. Therefore, I choose not to PvP. I know a lot of people absolutely love PvP, and I think that’s great.

WoW is a huge game, people. There are tons of things you can do within its world. You pay to play, so you get to pick how you play. Do you have fun grinding dailies? Do you absolutely adore professions? Because I do. But a lot of people don’t. Does that mean I think they are lazy and worthless players? ABSOLUTELY NOT. They choose to spend their game time, for which they pay the same amount as myself, doing what they consider fun.

I don’t do grinds I don’t enjoy. If I don’t like a heroic, I will not run it. LFG tool has changed this, because it is random, and you do not know what you will get. The only reason I’m running a bunch of heroics that I have traditionally hated is because it is rude for me to drop group as soon as I see what it is. To me, this negatively impacts the game other players are paying for, and while that is perfectly “legal”, that doesn’t mean it’s not rude.

Oculus may just be the one exception I make to that rule, because trust me when I tell you that having me in your group, if you know what you’re doing, will make the run not-fun for you. I will die a lot, and get frustrated, and you will want to kick me anyway. Thus, the only way I can justify the rudeness of me dropping group at the start is by knowing that the time you spend finding a new healer will be much more pleasant than the time you would have spent dealing with my scrubbutt in your group.

Blizzard has made WoW big enough to have something for everyone. They fully understand that not everyone is going to like everything. That’s why they offer so many alternatives. And that is why I think the game is awesome.


6 Responses
  1. Keeva Says:

    I'm assuming that all of the rude people

    A) have never made a spelling error in their life, ever; and

    B) enjoy every single aspect of WoW, and never ever avoid something in the game because they don't think it's fun.


  2. Shintar Says:

    Poor Jess, now I had to go back to that post just to read all the comments... a few were really quite rude! Fortunately most of them were polite.

  3. Buel Says:

    Hey, grats on the linkage ;)
    It's a really good article, unfortunately some people will always look for something to criticise rather than be happy for your success.
    Anyways, grats again and keep up the good work

  4. Tam Says:

    I'm not sure whether the appropriate response to linkage is 'grats' or 'commiserations' - ye gods, you got some *appalling* comments. I really don't know what's wrong with people sometimes. Like nobody ever makes spelling errors - I have qualifications in my ability to read things and say intelligent things about them, and I still can't spell Oc(c)ulus EITHER. Or 'psychology' - I usually get the dodgy combination of s-y-ch the wrong way round. But whether you want to spell Occulus with 25 cs has absolutely no bearing on the insight or validity of the post.


    And, yes, not like something in the game makes you a FAILURE as a human being.

    I don't really like gooseberries. *kills self*

  5. Matticus Says:

    Sorry :(

    If you like, I could always ask that you be placed on the secret blacklist so that you never get linked too ever again ^^.

  6. @Matticus

    Bah. But then how could I vent-post about trolly comments?

    Thanks for the link actually. It is appreciated :)

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