Pink Pigtail Inn - Best of '09!
Larisa wants to know what YOU think the best moments were of 2009!

And when Larisa asks, how can you resist answering?

Best Raid Instance - Well my vote goes to Eye of Eternity. I loved that place, even if I could never get a group because everyone else seemed to hate it!

Least Successful raid instance - Definitely ToC. The vast majority of raiders simply hated it. Part of me thinks it was a bit of a joke on Blizzard's part - "oh you want less trash? Faster raids? Well here you are, how do you like 'dem apples?"

Silliest Gold Sink - The Dun Niffelem mammoths. They don't do anything interesting except keep you from getting into the bank in Stormwind, and block the flight masters so that others will report you.

Most longed for instance - Icecrown, hands down.

Most juicy guild drama - Oh bother. I obviously have not been paying enough attention to the gossip in the Inn! I can't think of any particularly juicy guild gossip.

Biggest Addition to the Game - Dual Spec! It might not have been as exciting for the full DPS classes, but for the healers and tanks, it allowed us to do a little more solo content!

Best Quest - There was a little quest offered in Dalaran near the capital portals, and its only requirement was for you to bring a journal to a new NPC hanging out in Darnassus. This new NPC, Archmage Mordent Evenshade of The Highborne, is presumably the start of the lore allowing Night Elves to be mages - and is a warning of the coming Cataclysm! Little quests like these that require so little but give so much background are great fun to me.

Ugliest Tabard - Wyrmest Accord. Honestly. Your leader is the hottest Belf evar and you can't come up with a better looking tabard? Yeesh.

Favourite Non-Combat Pet - This spot goes to Stinker who provided countless hours of amusement to Fuubaar and I in Naxx, while we tried to fill out our 25 man groups. I don't know why the sight of her pet Stinker chasing after my black cat and repeatedly getting his heart broken was so entertaining, come to think of it. Why are we so mean? Poor Stinker.

Most charming Blizzard employee - Actually, I have a bit of a crush on Bornakk, if you hadn't picked it up from my emoted swoons and such whenever I quote something he says on the forums. It is completely due to the fact that he is courteous, funny, a bit of an underdog, and a sexy, sexy orc.

Best podcast - Save or Die Radio. Not that I'm biased or anything. Okay, it's not WoW specific, but it's manna for gamers.

Biggest Blog Facelift - I'm going to give this a somewhat liberal translation, and assume it means something beyond just a new "look". In that case, Forbearance and Righteous Orbs are a tie for me. Forbearance for combining the forces of the illestretpally Jong with the random rapping of OOMegan. Righteous Orbs for throwing together Sissy Robe donning Tamarind with math geek Ideathtard Chas. Both are perfect examples of combined forces in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Most memorable blog post - Perhaps this is only because it is somewhat recent, but the Gevlon v Marko post (in which I learned that *popcorn* is, in fact, a valid emote), which elicited commentary from multiple wow blogs was immensely entertaining.

Most noticed blogger breakthrough - Undoubtedly Gevlon takes this prize, if for no other reason than that he has made some of the most memorable posts, inspired some of the most rampant drama, and gone to great lengths to provide evidence for his stances.

Most solid content provider - My favorite thing about Killing 'Em Slowly is that I know there will be a post every weekday. I may not know the exact timing, but I can rely on the fact that there will be something, and it won't just be a "sorry no time to write today!" post. When I started this site, it was the best advice Fulguralis gave me - posting at regular intervals, so people know what to expect, and I've tried to adhere to that principle - one I feel Ful himself has mastered.

Most hugged blogger - Well that's easy... is there anyone more huggable than Larisa herself? Perhaps Gnomeageddon would qualify as a very close second. I'm noting a pattern here. There is something particuarly huggable about gnomes. I guess if you're Horde, you can translate that into "puntable", but just you wait until you get your goblins. Then we'll see who's getting punted.

I would like to add another question, though it is entirely up to Larisa whether she will include it in her decision. "Blogger Most Likely to Succeed in 2010" - And by this, I mean a new WoW blog that shows an extraordinary amount of promise. My vote here goes to Life in Group 5, a relatively new Healing Shaman blog that I think will quickly come to be a solid replacement for the hole left by Healing Way. Vixsin doesn't make overly frequent posts, but the posts he does make are extensive, thorough, and very informative.
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  1. Larísa Says:

    Thanks for very well thought out nominations! I'm afraid the innkeeper has decided that Larísa is disqualified for any nomination, so the hugs in this case go to Gnome. And YES, you want to hug gnomes. There's something about them... Larísa got MC:d last night in ICC and grew to horrible size and STILL all you wanted to do was to hug her :)

    A very nice suggestion for a new category! Thanks for that! It's noticed and considered!

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