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Now, on to other things.

First off, I keep trying to update the Raider101 site for Holy Priest and ESPECIALLY Disc Priests because it is so out of date and wrongwrongwrong that it makes my eyes bleed, but after spending two hours trying to fix it, and typing ahref tags and copying links over and over and over I finally fell half dead on my keyboard and gave up.

The same thing happened the last time I tried to fix the Holy Priest guide, come to think of it. Hmm. ADD?

Last night was our usual Sunday night Ulduar run, but as each week progresses, it gets messier and messier to try and organize. It started as an alt run, and we did things like OS and VoA and Naxx, just before ICC came out, and then started beating on Ulduar. Then with ICC came the Badge of Triumph goodness, and suddenly everyone wanted to run on their mains. Okay, that should be fine... except that we were now missing integral components of a raid. No, I'm not talking about Replenishment. I'm talking about things like... well, healers. I'm no Snottydin. Now we have new people who want to join, others who may or may not bother to respond at all to the invite, people who want to make their alts their mains, etc. Everyone has absolutely every right to play whatever toon they want to play, of course. But I also have a right to say that I no longer want to be in charge or organizing it. It is definitely NOT fun for me anymore, and instead I spend more time fighting with people about it, or crying over people being pissed off at me for it.

The others who try to organize this Sunday night fiasco-raid are just as frustrated with it as I am, so we're all taking some time off from planning and arranging that. Maybe someone else will step up and take over the organization of it.

In other, happier news, another member of our raiding repertoire has started blogging. We're becoming like a regular Brotherhood of Oblivion over here in the Lothar Swingers Club & Affiliates. Havoca has only written her first post, but keep an eye on that sassy mage. She's got an attitude but don't let it fool you. She gave me my Mag'hari staff, so she is forever on my suck-up-list.
5 Responses
  1. Kae Says:

    Post title win.

    /thumbs up

  2. Eversor Says:

    That was actually going to be the title of my post today...

  3. @Kae & @Eversor

    It took real skill and technique to develop such a fascinating title. I literally bashed my head against the keyboard.

    My fiance looked over at me, and I told him I was writing a blog post and he said "So, that's how you do it? And then just run spell check afterwards?"


  4. Fascinating! The mind of an actual female is scarier than what I try and portray...

    Anyway, if you need a healer for an Ulduar alt run, let me know. 90% of the time I can spare my priestess for a run through the Old God prison Sunday nights.

    Hit me up as either V, Alizala, or Sasamie. If I'm not on one of them, then I don't want to be disturbed.

    -Varla, Grand Protectorate of the Aldor

  5. Kurnak Says:

    I understand you, I'm also in a small guild (although we have over 200 members most of them are either inactive or are alts) of casual raiders with a core of players who want more regular raiding. In the middle of BC the raidleader decided to quit and I picked up the torch to run people through Karazhan. And was such a pain since most of them were badly geared, or people without any tactic knowledge because they weren't raiders but we just needed a specific role. As time passed the group progresseed very slowly and I was burned out, but by then we ould take down most bosses without any problem, but we never went into SSC or EoS. Only few of us saw those places or BT and Sunwell because we went there ith another guild we had raided with since MC times.
    With Wrath happened the same, tried to put up a decent group for Naxx10 and we hit several walls so progress was very slow and by then other raids were available, places we only stepped in when everybody else was tired of running. Fortunately other players took the initiative and also got some new mmebers of the classes we lacked (tanks and healers mainly) and I no longer have to fight trying to get the people necessary to run certain place. We even managed to get into ICC without pugging or playing with other guilds and brought Saurfang down. Yet we haven't done a decent ToC10 run.
    So yes, raid leading is a big headache when you're not in a well oiled guild. If it's too big you'll have problems with people complaining about being rotated or not getting a raid spot at all. If it's too small you'll struggle to get an offtank or a third healer when needed. And if you have the perfect roles for the place you have to worry about everybody knowing the tactics or having decent gear.
    Sometimes it's sooo frustrating... and people things being RL is a kind of privilege that give you special powers in the guild... if only they knew...

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