Best of the Healing World: April 3-9

  • Jasyla talks about Barkskin and its underappreciated value, providing specific examples from ICC of where it can be used well. 
  • Ohhh, I love this post by Bell. Are resto druids bad at tank healing? I've said it before, and I'll say it a million times more - every healing class has the ability to tank heal, so that they can effectively heal 5 mans. Some classes perform better at raid tank healing. Bell talks about this specifically for druids, and how you can be a better tank healer. 
  • And on the same topic, Beru chimes in with even more explanation about why "sucking at tank healing" is not the same thing as "not the optimal choice for tank healing".

  1.  Healer Trek
  2. Priest With a Cause
  3. PW: Bubble
  4. Shy at WoW
  5. Avalonna at Tales from a Priest
  6. The Mediocre Priest
  7. Amber's Very Thoughtful And Helpful Commentary 
  8. Light and Leafy



  1. Blueberry Totem
  2. Borsked
  3. Flow
  4. Life in Group 5


POSTED BEFORE FIVE PM SO IT TOTALLY COUNTS AS A FRIDAY POST (to be fair, I was waiting as long as possible because I had hoped the Druid class preview changes would be out before 5 today - LAWL wtf was i thinking anyway? I'm sure next week we will be overloaded with waving branches)

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  1. Dristanel Says:

    I posted perfectly legitimate paladin info this week. Where's the love?!


    Where have you been! I have no one to snark with on teh_Twitter.

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