There's No Escape from Wrynn
Yeah, I still hate the ICC buff. Sorry. That's not ever going to change. In practice, it's become something of a joke amongst my raiding group, how stubborn I am about it.

DPS1: "Man, if only there were a way to drastically increase my dps in one night."
DPS2: "Yeah, woudn't that be awesome?"
Me: "There is. It's called fail less."

I stubbornly held on to my principles. Much of my guild remembers me leveling through BC and Wrath, and they know how I am. No, I don't want you to run me through that dungeon since you are five levels higher than me. Get away from me, you're tainting my sacred leveling path of teh solo. No I don't want you to run me through anything. No, I don't want you to partner up with me to make this quicker and easier. Yes I know that you're all sitting at level caps, waiting impatiently for me to get there so you have a healer, but DON'T RUSH ME.

However, I am one person amongst a group of ten, though Raid Leader I may be. I do try to take everyone's concerns under consideration, and mold things accordingly. The one thing I wouldn't budge on was the damn buff, but it was definitely starting to be a problem. I could tell people were getting frustrated with me and my stubborness, and the way I'd run straight into ICC and tell King Wrynn to piss off, because his presence annoys me.

I mean seriously, Wrynn's presence is supposed to make me 10% stronger? Is that like, aura of annoyance? Does it make me 10% more powerful because I just want him to GTFO and hurry up and finish this crap because I don't want to be around him anymore? I could kinda see that.

What about "Gordin's Presence"? Gordin is our warrior off-tank, who brings a huge air of serendipity to our raids. If it weren't for Gordin, we would probably be yelling at one another, glaring at bosses, completely tunnel visioned, and forget that we're there for fun. Someone sets themselves to follow Gordin when we are running back from a wipe, and he jumps off a cliff just to make them follow him to their deaths. Gordin yells "GERONIMOOOOO" while running into the second room of the pre-Marrowgar trash to trigger the traps so we can get our skellies dead. Gordin inserts "that's what she said" comments in raid warnings.

If there were an Aura of Gordin, bunnies would randomly spawn and start humping. At specific intervals, giant Smurfs would appear and pwn the healers. Occasionally you'd hear the Lich King in the background making knock-knock jokes. You know that glitch that everyone gets on occasion? The one where it appears that everyone is naked? Well, Gordin is the reason that glitch exists. One day he called up Eyonix on the phoney-mcphone, and he was all like "Yo, Whelpling. If you don't add some random pg-13 nudity into this game, I'm going to drive my bus over to your house... and you know that won't end well."

And thus, on occasion, you get to see some nice Male Dwarf boxer-briefs. Because Gordin wouldn't have it any other way.

Sadly, there is no Aura of Gordin. Instead, we get shafted with Strength of Wrynn. I'd feel more inspired by Thrall, though I'm pretty sure our hunter MuffinCups would be fairly distracted by flirtation.

My fiance and co-raid leader had been bugging me about the buff for a few weeks. "How about we just use the buff for the first wing? We have it on farm, so it's not like we need it, but it would make it faster so that we could spend more time on the progression bosses. We'd turn it off right after we cleared the first wing." "NO."


But after a tearful conversation with a few of the DPS who really wanted to utilize the buff in order to see more content, I finally got off my stubborn stool and compromised. When you're only raiding 2 hours a week, it's true that time is of the essence. So, as of our Monday night run, we will be keeping Wrynn around for the first wing, and then telling him to GTFO as soon as we finish off Saurfang. Seems that it works. We're so eager to get rid of King Douchebag that we do power through the first wing much faster, and preserve our standards for the bosses we aren't quite farming yet. As far as I'm concerned, as of last night, the numbers on the first wing mean nothing. I don't care what the HPS or DPS is, because without the proper genuine context, it's useless.

Still no Aura of Gordin though. I'm submitting a ticket.

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17 Responses

  1. @Kleps

    That's what she said.

  2. Shayzani Says:

    I still don't quite follow why you're so adamantly against the buff. Its not as if its a hax that a couple of people in the raid figured out how to do or something. Its a hardcoded part of the Icecrown experience. Downing a boss is still valid with or without the buff. I don't see it as all that different than the stacking damage debuff tanks get on the Festergut fight.

  3. Runew0lf Says:

    Lol, thankyou for this. I love reading this blog and its why i dusted off my priest and turned her holy. Thankyou

  4. Tam Says:

    I have to admit, I came round on the buff. I'm totally in favour of it - I mean the mechanics of the fights, the need for teamwork and positioning and all that malarkey, haven't changed (i.e. the important stuff), it just means you don't have to grind the same four dudes for months until your entire team is geared to the tune of an extra 10% DPS.

    Currently we're doing ICC with the buff on the assumption that, once we get it licked, we'll turn it off.

    In short, it is better to take advantage of something while it available and turn it off when you don't need it, than throw yourself against content until boredom and frustration oblige you to turn it on.

  5. Rhii Says:

    The odd thing about the buff, in my experience, is that it didn't improve our performance one shred.

    We cleared the first wing pre-buff. We couldn't get past Fester.

    With the 5% buff we cleared the first wing, but couldn't get past Fester.

    With the 10% buff we cleared the first wing, but couldn't get past Fester.

    Seemed pointless to me. I think we were doing it wrong. :P

  6. Shintar Says:

    I'd feel more inspired by Thrall

    You do realise that us Hordies actually get to be "inspired" by Garrosh, right? /woe

  7. Analogue Says:

    I wish I had the luxury of using or not using the buff. As a casual raider, one who gets in when we can find some people on Saturday afternoon and the baby's down for her nap, maybe, the increased buff is a substitute for the gear that I might get if I raided on a schedule. I have chosen to not make the sacrifices I'd need to in order to raid regularly, but I like eating my cake too, so the buff lets me go in and play tourist.

    Knowing that someday it will be up to 30% helps motivate me to keep trying at my really slow pace. Someday I *will* down the Lich King. It'll be months behind, with the Loser Buff, but I'll have been there and done that and I like knowing that.

  8. Fuubaar Says:

    Well put it to you this way:

    Before the buff it took us about 2 hours to get through the first wing & make 1 attempt on Festergut.

    With the buff on, we cleared the first wing, and had time to clear both festergut & finally got Rotface down in two hours.

    So I'm two thumbs up on using it for the first wing aka Farmville for our situation so that we can blow through it and get to the progression stuff in a decent time frame.

    I still remember when we were raiding Naxx. When I heard that people could clear ALL of Naxx in two hours, that made me realize that if we just stuck to it, we could do anything with our limited time frame.

    We WILL see the Lich King before Cata. strikes!

    <3 Fuu

  9. Jen Says:

    Don't take my word for this, because I haven't checked it myself, but I think that once you enable the buff, it's on for the whole reset. You can't turn it on or off after a while. I remember having the same idea as you and being corrected by someone.

  10. Roguewind Says:

    I could kiss you for this post. It needed to be said. Cheers!

  11. Fuubaar Says:

    @ Jen

    That's actually backwards

    When you enter ICC, The buff is active. You can leave this buff on for as long as you see fit. Once you turn this buff off though, you cannot turn it back on until you reset the instance.

    That's why many people were saying that it would be nice if you could have it off for the easy stuff that you don't need it for & turn it on during progression stuff.

    <3 Fuu

  12. Aleanathem Says:

    I agree with you about not liking the buff. Why not do the raid as intended? Why must people always have extra help from Blizzard to complete content? Now if I can find 24 other people like that on a schedule like that miracle may happen.Then I'm a hardcore elitist that people would rather not raid with! lol

  13. Angelya Says:

    I'm not complaining about the buff because it helps us to see bosses that we wouldn't have otherwise, but it still feels... cheap.

    Completely off-topic, you reminded me that I had a kid called Geronimo in my class in grade 3 or 4. We're talking like 8 or 9 years old here, so you can imagine the kind of jokes that were made about jumping off'f things :)

  14. bhorg Says:

    Personally, I like the fact that the buff is graduated. Every few weeks it grows. I remember being in T6 content when the big 'raid nerf' came. One day we were struggling to learn mechanics, the next everything got really easy.

    The fact that ICC is gradually getting easier - AND that if you really wanted to you could skip the buff - I dunno, it's the ultimate compromise. I suspect that your team is relatively similar to mine (our hours are pretty close). The buff helps, but I don't feel like we're flying through stuff. We still need to learn the encounters and play well.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Wiping is just as epic with or without the buff. 10% isn't going to win the fights for you.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    ..I want this "Gordin" in my guild. (although my guild is slightly too "srs bizniss" for his antics ALL the time, sadly. I love them, but every once in a while I want to remind them that it's not the end of the world if people goof off in progression as long as they do their job, too.)

    That being said, I'm with you on the whole buff thing, for two reasons:

    1) I don't want the instance made easier. That defeats the point, in my opinion.

    2) Varian Wrynn is a douchebag.

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