Best of the Healing World: March 27 - April 1
You know what's tricky? Spending hours trying to discern "real" thursday posts from "APRIL FOOLS" thursday posts. Yes, I know that I am just as guilty. Shove it.

Lots of heroic mode impressions and Lich King kills this week folks. A hearty congratulations to all of you! Maybe my babyicc10 group will see a Putricide kill before Cataclysm!

One last side note, or rather, plea: If you or someone you know sets the feed settings for your blog so that people can only read a brief description of the post or the first few lines via feedreader... I'm begging you to change it. Please. I know you put the effort into your sites, and I know you want to see people actually visit your site as opposed to reading it through a feedreader, and I understand that... but for those of us who read a bajillion blogs, or for those of us who try to feed our blog addiction from work in a filtered environment, it just means we can't/don't read your posts. I always *intend* to go back to those posts and click through and read them, but I forget as I'm going through the other material that is more readily available to me.

<3 MM




  • Okay, this isn't about a specific post, but the writer of this blog left a comment for me on my blogroll post this week linking me to his blog - and I thought it was such a great concept, that I wanted to tell y'all about Priest and Pilot. Tim writes about all the exciting adventures he has... trying to play WoW with the internet service he has available to him in Iraq - things such as switching from Holy to Disc in order to deal with the high amount of lag (which I thought was a pretty good tip). Also, I really do hope that I can send a bit of traffic his way to wish him well and send him support. <3
  • Leafie offers some tips for lower level Disc Priests healing Maraudon.
  • I don't know wtf Ava is talking about; Her lolpaintdiagrams are vastly superior to my own. Anyway, it's the moment you've all been waiting for: How to Disco with the Lich King... AVA STYLE

  • Zorash at Healing Council gives some tips on how to anticipate damage. I'm listing this under Shaman, but it's actually good info for ALL healers, especially <begin bias> my fellow Disc Priests <end bias>!
  • Borsk gives some impressions of a few 10 man heroic ICC encounters - but the best tale of all was about solo-healing heroic Putricide from 81% health to dead. What an awesome feeling it is to pull something like that off - nice one B!

This Special Section is Reserved For Codi's Genius

  • Codi provides some great tips for healers who are having mana struggles. I know that at top gear levels most folks don't run into mana issues, but particularly for those gearing up, mana may be more of a problem. Codi has advice for each individual healing class, in addition to a list of great items to help you out. 


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7 Responses
  1. superwaddle Says:

    Thanks M! I did the feedburner thing, too, so here is the RSS link I think you were looking for!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you for your love, Gahzoo thanks you as well, well actually he said,

    "DSFGASDoooo OOOOO OOOOO OOOHHHHHH sjdhfjksfdk !!!@ $%"

    I know, some of it gets lost in translation to English.

  3. Daffnae Says:

    Thanks for the link to Priest and Pilot. I think I'll enjoy reading the site and I'll pass it along to my guild members. We have all branches of the military represented in our guild (mostly ex-military), so I think they will really enjoy the parellels you make between the game and the military.

    @Tim/superwaddle: I wanted to leave a comment on your site, but the profile options for comments didn't include the Name/URL option.

    Thanks again!

  4. superwaddle Says:

    I feel terrible about using M's post as a forum for my lack of knowledge, but thanks for the advice Daffnae! It has been fixed (I think). I'm still learning the whole blog thing, and I constantly wander back to Medicina's blog as a template for what to do. Thanks for the props and the advice, and btw yall's wowsanggrail site is awesome.

  5. Jasyla Says:

    Thanks for the link :)

    I completely agree with your plea for people to show their whole posts in their feeds. Everyone should listen to this!

  6. @Vailladin


    Nothing was lost. He always speaks straight to my heart.

    @Tim et al


  7. Anonymous Says:

    Another high-five thanks for the link.

    Cheers, Miss. M. ;D

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