Practicing Progression
You know what's more fun than breaking my wimpy back painting over white walls with... a slightly different shade of white (yay home improvement!)?

Wiping on Putricide for 2 hours straight!

What a fight. I've heard the nightmare stories, and I've dreaded it for weeks and weeks. But if you look beyond the repair bills, and the stress, and the arguments about positioning and who should stand or run where and yada yada yada... every wipe is followed by a slightly better attempt. It's not a one-shot. It's not a tank n' spank. It's not an ez-mode.

It's progression. Bloody, frustrating, messy... but I'm there, with 9 of my friends who may hate me for two hours (and several days afterward for that matter), banging my head against a boss fight. And each bang leaves a slightly deeper dent. And it's hard. But I know that when Putricide finally falls to the ground, mutilated and defeated, it will be one of my proudest in-game moments.

If it were easy, I wouldn't be proud about it. I don't mind struggling through the tough times, the rough nights, because I know that once I conquer it, I will be proud for persevering through all of it. I don't really care about the gear - it's the feeling of hard-won victory.

That's the attitude you need to have when you raid. You need to be able to see the big picture, and then step in and objectively identify the details that present problems.

Now, I'm going to take that positive raider attitude and try to apply it to my REAL life. Back to the paint can with me, folks. I start my new job next week, and I'm going to try and be more productive this week before I start, so bear with me as my posts may be light as I endure this phase change!

Here's a question for you guys: How do *you* define "progression"?
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  1. Rades Says:

    I agree completely, it's not easy and it's painful at times but that is what makes it rewarding in the end! Makes you really feel like you have earned it. :)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Are you talking about hard mode Putri here? Or normal mode?

  3. Kaelynn Says:

    I've recently discovered the joy and pain of progression. It's stressful, but I love it. Actually facing a challenge for once instead of roflstomping over the content. Its not about blaming others for things going wrong - its about working as a team and doing your absolute best. Finding a team like that is incredible.

  4. Daniel Says:

    You'll get there. It's all about practicing and learning from mistakes. As far as the painting and new job; I hope everything works out according to plan.

  5. Kayeri Says:

    You caught it perfectly... Putricide is the toughest fight in there until you hit the Lich King himself...

    Progression is hard. Progression is messy. Progression is frustrating. Progression is expensive. But when that boss goes down finally, it's the best!

    My hubby and I recently changed guilds and the new one had been having a very hard time on Putricide, but last week he finally went down...

    The caption on the website now says, "Terrible News Everyone! Now we have to kill him every week!" ::chuckle::

  6. Fuubaar Says:

    I'm guess I'm weird, when I'm stuck on stuff like this, I don't really get very frustrated. I just look at the situation very cold heartedly and try to imporve the job that I have. I pretty much just ignore what others are doing until I get my own positions down.

    I feel that if I worry too much about what everyone else is doing, I don't have time to improve on my own failures.

    TBH, I wouldn't mind wiping on him for 2 more hours as long as we started to taste progress.

    <3 Fuu

  7. Kimberly Says:

    We are a guild of casual raiders. We like to screw around and have fun but not all of us enjoy spending hours dying.

    So we have a rule - we give five solid tries (which has really become 6 tries, as the first try we don't eat/flask/whatever) on a boss. Then we decide if we want to keep trying this week or move to something else.

    As a result we move a lot slower, but six tries on a boss can equal an hour and a half if you count rebuffing and discussion. Which is not far off from what "real" raiding guilds.

    But psychologically, it's more palatable to know that your misery will end once we give it x many more tries than it is to think "we're going to die for another hour?"

    To me, no moment ingame will ever be better than when we first downed the Shade of Aran. Even now I think, "If we downed the Shade with all that chaos and movement we can CERTAINLY down this boss!"

  8. Beruthiel Says:

    I look at progression a bit the way I look at a baby taking his first steps: every step is important. As we work something new, I try to point out what we did well that pull, and where we need to work improvement. Sometimes we just sucked, and there is no sugar coating that or finding a "good thing" about the pull.

    Multiphase fights like Putricide we view in phases. We don't even start talking about the next phase until we've gotten there. I tend to find that information overload just means everyone's forgotten what they are supposed to do at the start of the fight :)

    But, I think as we work a new encounter what everyone is looking for is improvement, no matter how small. So, I suppose for me "progression" is all of those small steps that need to happen before you can run.

  9. Zelmaru Says:

    Sometimes it's a "progression" night and sometimes it's a "painful wipe" night. Progression means that you are actually doing better at the end of the night than at the beginning of the night. If you're not, something just isn't clicking, best to call the raid and move on.

    Our guild is also stuck on putricide, but right now our resources are being put into giving our off-tank some time in the "vehicle"... that's not something that you can learn from a video. You just have to practice in the vehicle. I'm willing to just try to keep the group up as long as possible so the off-tank gets practice and comfort with the vehicle portion of the fight.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Wiping can be a lot of fun still - what gets to me are the nights where wipes are caused by silly mistakes that you and your fellow raiders already know about. From Blistering Colds and Frost Bombs in Sindragosa P1, to mis-timed cleanses on P1 Lich King, to silly bombs falling down on Blood Princes.

    Out of curiosity, how do you feel about the ICC buff now? And do you use it? (Not being smart here, genuinely curious to know whether you changed your mind)

  11. Kestrel Says:

    You pretty much nailed it. We run a couple 10-man groups each week, and have yet to down Putricide. This just might be the week. (Our 25-man finally got Festergut last week.)

    Unfortunately, way too many people were spoiled by Naxx and ToC (we never got past Mimiron in Ulduar because progression was "too hard" and ToC/ICC were released too soon for us). Naxx was a joke, and ToC even moreso.

    Most of our raiders didn't do SSC or The Eye, so they really don't understand what "progression" is all about. But there's nothing like a guild first on a tough boss!

  12. Hinenuitepo Says:

    As opposed to the anon who seemed to imply you can only progress in hard modes, I think most of us would agree progression is learning learning learning and finally killing a new boss (no matter your group's level), and that's what raiding is all about!

    It's fun and all to down four new bosses in one night (hello Marrow/DW/Gunship/Saur), but as many have said, so much more REWARDING to defeat a boss that's had our number for weeks.

    Putri is indeed the second-best/second-toughest fight in ICC: I remember the feeling when we first got him! More recently, my 25-man finally got LK down after 4 weeks of wiping, and it was a great feeling!

    Grats, now On to the next battle! :P

  13. Sara Says:

    Progression raiding definitely requires patience! As a fairly new raider (I only started at the beginning of this year), I've found Purticide to be the most challenging and fun fight so far. Due to a recent guild change, I've only done a couple attempts on him, but I'm hoping the newly formed guild I'm in now will be knocking on his door next week. GL to you guys!

    Love your blog btw, I've been reading for a couple weeks now, in spite of being solely shadow :)

  14. Anonymous Says:

    I've said more than once that sometimes progression isn't killing a new boss.

    Progression is making progress. That can be a new kill, inching closer to a new kill, or improving on an old kill with a new method.

    Progression was beating the Valithria fight. Progression was a MUCH tidier Saurfang fight by single healing it with a Disc Priest. Progression was getting good enough at Phase 1/2 Sindragosa to spend time learning Phase 3. Progression was tidying up Sindragosa enough that we could start actually *practicing* Phase 3

  15. Cassandri Says:

    I've always raided with a simple mentality: if you're not wiping, it's not hard enough.

    You should always be wiping very raid session. Once you've gotten X boss down enough times that your raid can practically sleep through it, you should be killing X boss so fast that you can move onto something newer/trickier that causes you to wipe.

    It's not about gear or over-gearing a place. It's not about normal or hardmodes or 10 or 25s. It's about finding a boss that challenges your raid group and working together to improve and overcome it.

    ps. totally agree with all the other comments - Prof Putricide is the 2nd hardest boss in ICC, outdone only by the Lich King (or T.L.King as my raid frames like to call him) himself.

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