Cataclysm Priest Changes Part 2: Abilities and Mechanics
Now let's talk about those changed mechanics...

"All HoTs and DoTs will benefit from Haste and Crit innately." This has been a long time coming, and Blizz has done a LOT of testing to see how they can make this work in a balanced way. I can understand why; giving over time abilities the benefits from haste and crit is a huge change, and it's a dynamic one. One of the big changes with this change is this portion: they "will not have a shorter duration, just a shorter period in between ticks". It's better to have this be something that is implemented with brand new content than try to add it in a patch with current gear levels, because it completely changes the value of haste and crit for those that use over-time components. If the duration of the effect is shortened by haste, it can drastically change rotations based on gear levels.

Oh man. The theorycrafters are going to have a FIELD DAY with this change. How much haste will i need for each individual extra tick of heal or damage? GO.

"We want to bring back Shadow Word: Death as an "execute" -- something you do when the target is at 25% health. " Okay. Uhm, thanks for the info? That was... helpful.

Making Priests viable tank healers.
Well, I would argue, quite stubbornly mind you, that Discipline priests are perfectly viable tank healers, thankyouverymuch. Having said that, I know what they mean. I put a bubble on the tank, and it's gone in one hit, and I can't put another shield on them for 15 seconds or so. Most of my mitigation actually comes from Divine Aegis. I would love a more expensive, bigger shield for tank healing. Greater Heal *should* be the tank healing weapon of choice. That's how I've tried to treat it - much to my own detriment. Just because something *should* work a certain way, doesn't mean that it does. Thing is, all I really need is a big shield on the tank that could reduce incoming damage while I'm casting my big heal.

No More Divine Spirit. This makes me sad, but with the changes coming to how spirit works, it was inevitable. One of the things I really liked about this spell is that it added an extra component to the beautiful synergy between priests and druids. Now I weep. Druids won't want me around anymore. YOU ONLY LIKED ME FOR MY SPIRIT.

No more five second rule. As far as I'm concerned, 5sr has been essentially obsolete at end game since patch 3.1. This isn't really news either. I never really liked the 5sr so I'm not mourning the death of it. It was kinda cool back when Holy Concentration gave you free procs, and you could dance around a bit with Inner Focus in and out of the 5sr.

So... what about Spirit Tap? I'm anxious to see how this will change (if at all). I know that end-game healing priests don't use this amazing talent, but it's integral for leveling.
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5 Responses
  1. Neil Says:

    Regarding Spirit Tap: Even if regenerating while casting is no longer a worthy perk, the +100% spirit bonus will provide double mana regeneration after a kill. That'll still be quite helpful.

  2. Zelmaru Says:

    Re: Gheal. I'm thinking that this is where the new "Heal" comes in. Gheal will be great to use with borrowed time (assuming we still get that!) and after borrowed time expires, Heal may be the way to go. I wonder if they're gonna change Serendipity (I HATE that talent...).

  3. Paolo Says:

    There is a very significant benefit of the hots & dots change. One that I haven't seen discussed.

    The TOOL TIP! Think of the Shadowform tool tip! It gets cut in half!! You won't need Cliff Notes to read it!

  4. Rhii Says:

    I've been thinking of writing a post on Spirit Tap and leveling actually. It's such a critical talent for leveling as it is now, and if it remains in the game in some form, I really think it ought to be trained, not talented.

    What's the point of making every priest a shadow priest from levels 10-12 before they can reasonably start putting talents somewhere else? IMO all "mandatory" leveling abilities ought to be trained and not talented.

  5. @Neil

    That's true. I always loved the spirit tap + spiritual guidance synergy though. It will be missed.


    BLASPHEMY. THOU SHALT NOT HATE SERENDIPITY. It's my favorite priest talent :O Granted, I am thinking fondly of the Ulduar days, when it was particularly useful.


    Shadowfiend? What the hell is that? Oh, you shadow priests and your silly shenanigans. I don't need shadowfied. Didn't you hear? INFINITE MANA YO


    That's actually a really good point. I think that is something Blizz wanted to address in Cat though, the "mandatory" talents. Wonder if Spirit tap will be on that list? I dont know if they would consider it necessary, but I think it's pretty necessary if you intend to do any sort of sustainable damage. However, if you level via dungeonfinder (which so many priests do nowadays) then maybe not? Hrm.

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